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This time on the Titan Alarm blog we wanted to talk about one of the biggest security services we offer, one that’s especially important for our business and commercial clients – Access Control. Here’s what access control is, what you need to know about it and how it can help your business.

Access Control Systems 

First, let’s clear something up. Access control is a crucial part of physical security yes, but it’s also necessary for IT folks. This is not about the type of access control in information technology.

Access control, specifically the kind known in physical and information security,  is the selective restriction of access to a place. Permission to access the area is known as authorization. Let’s use an example that everyone can relate to.

The lock on a door is access control. The key to that lock gives the keyholder authorization to that room. Usernames and passwords are a similar simple, clear method of access control.

Access Control For Business or Commercial Property

Security is a constant concern for business owners everywhere. It protects their property, their employees, and their customers. Advanced access control systems (past the simple lock and key) are becoming a larger priority for businesses looking to increase safety and minimize the risk of theft.

Some potential access control tools are proximity readers that scan fobs or keycards, swipe card systems, keypads with specific access codes, even biometric systems that can identify physical characteristics – the most common being hand or fingerprints, and more. As technology continues to advance, security systems have to advance along with them to ensure they are always on the cutting edge. 

Not all access control systems are made equal! Depending on the service and system you decide on you might have access to total remote cloud-based options, systems that integrate with employee time clocks, video surveillance, and specialized software. 

Should I Have An Access Control System?

Wondering if your business or commercial property should have access control features? The first thing you want to do is evaluate your security needs – chances are your facility has unique needs or circumstances that will require a considered approach. 

Look at the Following Factors:

  • Location of all of your facility’s entrances and exits
  • Any unique characteristics/features that might pose a security challenge – think strange walls, excess windows, anything like that. 
  • Number of Employees/Customers/Vendors
  • Frequency of Employees/Customers/Vendors 
  • Potential targets or vulnerabilities – high-value products or assets that would draw attention, sensitive information, cash.
  • Whether or not you have, and number of, restricted areas that should be completely off-limits.
  • And of course, the hours of operation

With those factors considered, what level of security is required by your facility? What level of security do you want for your facility? If after considering all of those factors you figure your business doesn’t need much security, you can probably stick to simple swipe card access for certain areas. This is a cost-effective method for those who need just low-security needs. When it comes to low security needs like this, where a swipe card or fob might do the worry is that these can fall into the wrong hands more easily. It’s easy for a card to get lost, not so easy for hands to get misplaced! If your security needs are more serious that’s what you’ll want to look towards those biometric options – with them there’s virtually no chance of a misidentification.

Plan for the Future

It’s important to think about the future as well when it comes to your security plans. If your business is one that will be expanding at some point, security will be easier to upgrade and keep, well, secure if you plan ahead and install flexible systems. This will save you time and money in the long run, rather than buying an access control system that meets your current needs, and then purchasing (and installing!) a second system later. 

Lock and key systems just don’t cut it in the modern era, so when you’re ready to meet the modern demands call the commercial access professionals at Titan Alarm for your best security systems. Eliminate risk, protect what’s yours, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with security and safety.

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