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Is your business’s fire alarm being monitored? Does it even need to be? Well by law, no it probably doesn’t need to be. But we’re not concerned about the bare minimum law – we’re concerned with the most efficient, most secure and best protection a security or fire system can provide. That’s why we’re going to tell you the benefits of commercial fire alarm monitoring!

 First, let’s talk about exactly what fire alarm monitoring is.

What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Fire alarm monitoring is when a professional oversees your fire alarm system for any triggers. If the alarm is triggered, the monitoring service quickly identifies and verifies whether the alarm is legitimate and to what extent fire services are required.

Fire alarms can go unnoticed! If it’s outside of hours of operation and the alarm triggers, who is going to hear it? If there’s not a set person with that specific job (such as a professional) then it’s up to the stranger to take action and call emergency services. And who knows what happens then?

Fire alarm monitoring addresses that. It puts a real human standing over the alarms and ready to react should the alarm get triggered.

So what other benefits come along with commercial fire alarm monitoring?

Benefits of Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Guaranteed Fast Response

As we already touched on, the most obvious benefit of fire alarm monitoring for businesses is the guarantee of a response, and a fast one at that. This increases the likelihood that should emergency services be needed, the damage can be limited as best as possible.

24/7 Protection

Fires can strike anytime, not just when someone is in the office. That’s why the other huge benefit of fire alarm monitoring is that it provides your business with around-the-clock coverage, catching any fire, at any time.

These two previous benefits, fast responses 24/7 lead to these two huge benefits: reduced risk to employees, and less disruption to your business!

Reduced Risk to Employees, Less Disruption of the Business

With the fire alarm being monitored, it no longer falls to your employees to try and address the fire or to call it in. Instead, they can safely exit the building first and foremost without any further risk to themselves while the alarm is automatically activated and alerting the monitoring company – and then the proper authorities.

When fires are caught and addressed quickly, it will decrease the amount of disruption the business faces. Less damage to the property, equipment, products, etc. 

Reduce False Alarms

False alarms are no good. They can be frustrating, waking you up in the middle of the night, only to see it was nothing at all. They also waste emergency services’ time which can be deadly. When properly monitored, false alarms are caught quickly and only the real deal is acted on.

The Peace of Mind

Few things compare to the real peace of mind that comes with having someone watching your back. You can take weekends and holidays and enjoy them because if anything might happen, professionals are on hand watching and ready to take the necessary action for you.

Fast responses, 24/7 protection, reduced risks and false alarms, and a huge boost to safety and peace of mind – it’s a no brainer why so many companies work with a commercial fire alarm monitoring provider! Ready to start working with one today? Need fire alarms installed in the first place or need a yearly inspection? No matter your need, Titan Alarm is here to help!

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