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Intrusion Alarm Systems

In the world we live in, it’s never wise to take the safety and security of your commercial location or public facility for granted. When you own, manage or operate a building or store, it’s your responsibility to remain vigilant against the possibility of robbery or criminal trespass. Titan Alarm is a home and business security company offering a broad array of modern solutions ranging from motion sensors for restaurants to intrusion alarms for retail stores in Phoenix and across the region.

When you choose Titan for intrusion alarms for schools in Phoenix or burglar alarms for a business location, you get peace of mind. You’re partnering with a local provider who’s on the forefront of security technology. We help keep unwanted visitors out and detect break-ins and security breaches by offering the following advanced security products:

  • Intrusion alarms for schools — Phoenix-area schools can rest assured they’re doing all they can to keep children, staff, parents and private data safe with an alarm system from Titan.
  • Motion sensors for restaurants — Phoenix restaurants and retail outlets are common targets for after-hours burglars searching for an easy score. Our intrusion alarm systems for restaurants provide an unhappy greeting for anyone trying to illegally enter your premises.
  • Intrusion alarms for a commercial property — An intrusion alarm for an office in Phoenix not only dramatically reduces the risk of financial loss, it also helps your people be more productive knowing they’re working in a secure environment.
  • Intrusion alarms for warehouses — Phoenix and across the region is Titan territory for keeping warehouses safe and secure. Our burglar alarm and motion detection systems protect your valuable assets from thieves and are effective in actually apprehending offenders.

If you’re searching for an economical and effective way to guard your school, commercial property or office complex in the case of robbery or attack, Titan Alarm has the capabilities you need. Give us a call or submit our online contact form today for additional information on intrusion alarms!

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