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Commercial Property Video Surveillance & Monitoring

For restaurants in Phoenix and other businesses across the region where theft, illegal entry and activity is a concern, a proactive approach is necessary for ensuring your premises are safe and secure. We’re a full-service commercial security system provider offering a complete range of modern solutions for keeping an eye on what’s going on inside your store or facility. Whether you require video monitoring for schools in Phoenix or a system for retail stores in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Tucson, Titan Alarm offers the comprehensive products and services you need.

When you partner with us, you gain access to the top-selling security system in the nation backed by industry-leading customer service and technical support. Our expert team will accurately analyze your specific requirements. We’ll then provide a cost-effective solution that not only takes the security of your facility to the next level, but also allows you to monitor and control your system 24/7, seven days a week from a secure online portal or smartphone app.

We Also Offer Professional Video Surveillance Installation Services

It’s possible to perform a video surveillance system installation on your own. Titan Alarm offers out-of-the-box surveillance system kits that include easy-to-follow setup instructions designed for the do-it-yourselfer. However, today’s security systems contain highly sensitive electronics and advanced technology that often require the services of an expert, especially if you have never attempted a business security system installation before.

Modern video surveillance systems also typically consist of a series of interrelated components — meaning the failure to successfully complete one aspect of the installation could negatively impact the performance of the entire system.

Trust Titan Alarm for Surveillance Camera Installation

At Titan Alarm, we know how to install video surveillance systems. Our team includes expert surveillance camera system installation professionals who will do the job right the first time. Our surveillance camera installation techs are dedicated Titan Alarm employees — unlike many of our competitors, we don’t enlist the services of third-party 1099 contractors. This ensures your video surveillance system installation is performed by someone who is completely familiar with the products we sell.

What’s more, our video surveillance installation services give you the peace of mind of knowing your installation complies with the system manufacturer’s guidelines. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a system failure if a break-in attempt occurs, while also decreasing the possibility of a costly repair job down the road. You’ll sleep better knowing that your system is providing the around-the-clock surveillance needed to safeguard your commercial or industrial property and protect your valuable business assets.

We Offer the Following Services in Surveillance for Businesses and Public Facilities Throughout the Region:

  • Video surveillance and monitoring for restaurants — Restaurant owners in Phoenix and beyond benefit from a streaming video surveillance system that increases safety while also alerting you to employee misconduct or theft.
  • Video surveillance and monitoring for retail stores — Phoenix-area retail stores and outlets across the state can guard against burglary and increase productivity with continuous video surveillance of sales floors, stock rooms and administrative areas.
  • Video surveillance and monitoring for warehouses — When you’re managing a facility that stores valuable goods and continually deals with incoming and outgoing shipments, there’s a higher risk for illegal activity. Our video monitoring for warehouses in Phoenix and across the region is a theft deterrent with the added ability to spot and instantaneously respond to security irregularities.
  • Video surveillance and monitoring for schools — In Phoenix and all around the world, schools are being required to step up security. Video monitoring adds another layer of accountability in keeping diligent watch over the students, faculty and visitors to your institution.
  • Video surveillance monitoring for offices — We specialize in professional video monitoring for offices in Phoenix and other cities throughout Arizona. Our surveillance systems not only protect against illegal entry, they also are effective at spotting areas of inefficiency and inappropriate workplace behavior.

Choose Titan for Video Monitoring of Schools, Stores, Restaurants and More

We’re the local video surveillance specialists with the world-class capabilities to take your security to the next level. We not only offer a wide range of solutions such as video monitoring of warehouses in the Phoenix area, our dedicated team of highly trained technicians will also travel to locations in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and areas beyond. Whether you require video monitoring of a retail store in Glendale or surveillance equipment installed in an office in Tucson, we’re everywhere you need us to be.

Ready to harness the modern technology to more closely monitor your school, warehouse or place of business? Give us a call or fill out our online form to request more information and a free quote today!

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