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Controlling who has access to what parts of your business is a no brainer – you don’t want customers perusing the back stockroom. Commercial access control is just one component of a comprehensive, robust security system. This time on the Titan Alarm blog we’re going to give you a rundown on commercial access control and how to use it to great effect for your business!

Commercial Access Control

For those not in the know, commercial access control is a simple concept. Access control covers any entry to an area via some device that either denies or grants access. Locks and keys are one type of access control, but the kind that we’re concerned with are things like keycards, fobs, and the proximity reader systems that read those and then either grant or deny further access. Some systems can scan license plates and others even use biometric data such as fingerprints, handprints, eyes, and more.

So, Does Your Business Need an Access Control System?

Not sure if your business needs to upgrade or if a simple lock and key system is enough? You’ll want to take an inventory of your location and what unique security needs you may have. By evaluating the different factors that play into security concerns you’ll be able to recognize whether or not commercial access control is a must-have for your business.

Your assessment should include:

  • Location of all entrances and exits to your building/facility
  • Any unique features of your building that pose security risks or challenges – such as skylights, unique windows/doors etc.
  • What is the number of employees, vendors, customers, and other individuals who use your building? 
  • How frequently do those people enter and leave the facility?
  • Any potential targets or risks: high-value products, cash, sensitive information. What are the likely targets should your security be breached?
  • Do you have restricted areas that are off-limits to customers?
  • Areas that are restricted to employees of certain ranks?
  • Restricted period?
  • What are the total hours of operation? What are the hours when the building is occupied or unoccupied regardless of whether business is occurring?
  • What about the future?

Let’s expand on that last point a bit more. What might your future security needs look like? Is your business expanding? Will you have more locations, a larger facility, or potentially growing in staff? In a situation like this, buying an access control system that will meet your needs today and tomorrow will be more cost-effective than purchasing only what you need now, and then reinstalling a new system later. 

Now consider what you’d like from an access control system:

  • Enterprise-level solution
  • Remote access control
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Capable of integrating with video surveillance
  • Cloud-based
  • App functionality
  • Does double duty as an attendance system


With these laid out you can begin to sketch out what you believe to be your security needs. Does your facility not really require that much security? That’s fine! You can get by using a swipe card door access control system and most all of your needs may be met. But, that said, there’s the chance a swipe card could end up in the wrong hands? How disastrous for your business would that be if it did occur? This might provide you the insight needed to find the level of access control you need – there are tons of options out there.

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