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We’re deep into the summer here in Arizona, and with so many people at home those air conditioner units are running just about around the clock! Everyone is seeing their electrical bills go higher and higher. Well, we have just the thing for you! Here’s how energy management systems can help you keep your bills low all year long!

What are Energy Management Systems?

Before we get too deep in the nitty-gritty of how they save you money, let’s first take a moment to explain just what energy management systems are. You probably already have an idea about smart home technology, being able to operate your home from your smartphone. Energy management systems are a lot like that, they are tools that allow for someone, in this case, homeowners, to more closely monitor and optimize their performance. Through apps and control panels, all of your major energy users – your air conditioners, your lights, and appliances, can be managed from a central location. 

What Kinds of Things Can Home Energy Management Systems, Well, Manage?

With home automation installation, your energy management system will allow you to:

  • Control Home AC System

Whether you set a timer and schedule or just want to get your home cooling while you’re driving home, using energy management systems you can make sure your temperature is perfect for your arrival. 

  • Rules

You can now set rules with your AC units “if this, then that”.  When you leave the office or home and put your alarm on away, you can set a rule to turn all AC units up to 82 degrees.  You may then set a rule when your phone or anyone’s phones crosses a geofence within a mile or more of your home or office to turn on certain AC units so its cool when you arrive.  

  • Adjust Heating

While you might not be using it much right now, in the winter having your heat kick on when you’re coming back from vacation or just getting out of bed can make your home that much more comfortable. No struggling with the hour of cold while you wait for your place to warm.

  • Lights On, Lights Off

Forget the lights on your way out the door? Want to schedule some lights for your late night arrival? On vacation and want to give the appearance of activity (and signal to intruders to look elsewhere)? Energy management systems from Titan Alarm will let you do just that!

energy management system smart thermostat


As mentioned, there are a number of different ways you can better utilize your thermostat through energy management systems. Your heating and cooling can be pre-set to provide maximum comfort for only those times when your home is occupied. You can also sync it up with your power company to ensure the heavy lifting of bringing your home down to a comfortable temperature is done on off-hours, or to limit the use of your systems during on-peak times. With cellular monitoring technology, you can control your heating and cooling through remote access, whenever you need to. Titan Alarm makes it easy.

Lighting Control

Air conditioning isn’t the only place where you can be losing energy efficiency.  Lights are the second most common source of energy inefficiency in most homes! So why not do something about it?

When you are not home during the daytime, leaving lights on is a waste of money and electricity. Set a standard time for all lights to go off and never worry about forgetting them again! With remote energy management, you can control the lighting of any location at any time. The bathroom light can be set to go on randomly as it would if you were there. If you are out late, you can turn off the lights and then turn them on as you reach your driveway. Home automation provides savings and greater security for your entire family.

Having access to all these features at the press of a finger on your cell phone saves you time, adds comfort, and save you energy, which in turn brings your power bill down. Home automation has been taken to a whole new level. Call us now for a free consultation about saving energy the smart way.

Energy conservation is made simple with energy management systems. Once installed, all you need for maximum savings is to input your preferences, home automation does the rest. In no time at all, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption, lowering that bill, and start saving.

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