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    How To Protect Your Home or Business Against The Threat of Fire

    Nearly every type of business has the obligation to take appropriate steps to mitigate the risks relating to fires. Installing fire protection systems in Arizona is more than just a matter of throwing up a few smoke detectors. Businesses and residential properties require careful planning to make sure the space is fully protected from a fire and that the system fully conforms to all business codes. It means being able to supply and install all of the elements of the system and effective testing and maintenance of the system.

    Titan Alarm is a full-service security system provider offering a complete range of services to protect your home or business in the event of a fire emergency. We utilize the latest technology to take your fire security to the next level with detection and monitoring systems, advanced fire alarms, IP/cellular communications, preventative maintenance, and a variety of other services. Along with home and commercial fire system installation in Arizona executed by our team of experienced professionals, we also offer:

    Our expert staff has been designing, installing, and inspecting fire alarm systems for years. A fire alarm system is typically required by local code in order to run a business and the alarm system must be inspected on a regular basis, Titan takes care of all aspects of inspection, installation and maintenance.  Whether you require an simple system to monitor your fire sprinklers, or a complex system our team can put together the right system for your business. Titan Alarm provides both installation of new systems, as well as monitoring and inspection of  both new and existing systems.

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      Commercial and Residential Fire Protection Services

      When it comes to fire alarm systems for businesses and homes in Arizona, Titan Alarm Inc., Inc. is your best choice.Titan Alarm works with you to develop just the right system for your home or business. We know the job isn’t done once your system is in designed and installed. Your system at the very least requires annual inspections for compliance. Titan performs those and any required maintenance or repairs, then provides you with a comprehensive report so you know your system is in compliance. Check out the full list of services Titan Alarm provides to those in need of a commercial or residential fire system.

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      Our UL Listed/FM Listed, 5-Diamond Certified monitoring station  monitors thousands of fire alarm systems.

      IP/Cellular Communication

      We can monitor your fire alarm system over traditional phone lines, IP (Internet), or wireless radio.

      Inspection / Testing

      Most jurisdictions require at minimum an annual inspection by a  licensed, certified fire inspector.  We can provide all of the services required for your fire alarm and fire suppression systems.

      Preventative Maintenance

      With a preventative maintenance contract, our service team will visit your site at scheduled times throughoutthe year to inspect, clean, test, and verify correct operation of all components on the system.

      Titan Alarm Inc. uses the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment for its fire systems to provide you with maximum protection. Our technicians are continually trained in how to install, maintain and monitor the leading commercial fire alarm equipment for your business. If you’re starting a business in Arizona and want to start off on the right foot with your Arizona fire alarm system, if you’re ready to upgrade your system or if you just need to equip your home in Arizona with a top-of-the-line fire alarm system, contact Titan Alarm Inc. today.

      Keep Your Fire Protection Systems Up To Date With a Service Maintenance Contract from Titan Alarm

      Arizona businesses that are at the highest risk of fire damage can mitigate dangers by choosing a security system maintenance contract from Titan Alarm. A security maintenance contract is a smart solution for restaurants, retail stores, commercial properties, industrial manufacturing facilities, or any other location where a fire can put your employees, customers and assets in danger.

      We not only provide the highest level of commercial fire system installation, but we’ll also put your business on a long-term preventative maintenance schedule to ensure your systems are up and running through regular inspections. We utilize the latest techniques in fire alarm testing for businesses in Arizona and across the region.

      Preferred Service Contract

      With our preferred security system maintenance contract, all parts and labor are covered for any warrantied repairs. Labor-Only Service Contract After Hours and Weekend Service available.

      Preventative Maintenance

      With a preventative maintenance contract, our service team will visit your site at scheduled times throughout the year to inspect, clean, test, and verify correct operation of all components on the system. We provide the fire alarm testing and alarm maintenance services Arizona area businesses trust for optimal protection. Contact us today!

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