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    What Are The Types of Fire Alarm Systems?

    A good first step toward getting the ideal custom fire alarm system for your building is scheduling a consultation with a reputable, professional fire alarm system provider. This consultant can help you gain a clear understanding of the various types of alarm systems currently on the market. These include:

    • Conventional systems: A conventional fire alarm system features a series of call points and detectors that are wired to the control panel to create zones. A zone is essentially a circuit that’s wired to a specific floor or other designated area to make it easier to locate the origin of the fire.
    • Addressable systems: As with a conventional system, an addressable system is comprised of a series of zones. The key difference is that the latter features “addressable head” technology with advanced diagnostic capabilities. This makes it easier to pinpoint the fire’s exact location. These modern systems can also detect fires more quickly, while also reducing the likelihood of false alarms.
    • Wireless systems: Wireless alarm systems offer the precise fire location benefits of an addressable system, along with the advantage of wireless connectivity. This provides greater design flexibility, while also significantly reducing installation time. On the downside, wireless systems typically cost more than traditional, hard-wired systems.

    What Are The Basic Components Of A Fire Alarm System?

    A professional fire alarm system consultant will work with you to create a custom-designed system that includes appropriate selection and use of the following components and devices:

    • Initiating devices: Can include smoke and heat detectors and sprinkler water flow sensors, as well as pull stations that enable manual alarm activation.
    • Control panels: Contains various operating and programming electronics that enable the user to adjust system settings and view display readouts pertaining the system’s operating status.
    • Indicating appliances: Horns, lights, bells, etc. that announce the presence of smoke or fire upon activation of the initiating devices.
    • Battery systems: Battery systems can serve as a primary power supply for wireless systems, as well as a backup power source for hard-wired systems. Batteries may be located within the control panel or in a stand-alone enclosure.
    • Auxiliary devices: A fire alarm system design typically includes the incorporation of numerous supporting devices, such as LED zone indicators, electromagnetic door holders, alarm silence switches and remote annunciators with LEDs that display system status information.

    Proper selection and incorporation of these devices during the design phase can also help to ensure a smooth and seamless system installation.

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      Fire Alarm System Design & Consulting Services

      If you are considering installing a fire alarm system in your home or place of business, you’ll want to pay close attention to the system’s design. The days of the “one size fits all” alarm system are long gone. Instead, the advent of modern technology has made it possible to have a custom-designed alarm system that meets your structure’s unique fire protection needs and complies with all applicable fire codes in your jurisdiction.

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