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Fire Alarm Monitoring for Your Commercial or Residential Property

Fires are a major issue and concern for both business owners and residential property owners. It may be easy to rebuild an office or home after a fire, but it’s near impossible to recuperate all of your losses and to cover the emotional traumas that occurred from the fire.

According to many fire records, most large loss fires are able to reach such a high level of destruction because of late detection of smoke and fire which causes fire authorities to be called late. The first five minutes of a fire are the most crucial, with early detection from Titan Alarm monitoring, we can contact the local fire authorities in a reliable and timely matter.


Titan Alarm’s Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

With Titan Alarm, our Fire Alarm Monitoring goes above and beyond the average monitoring company. We detect and report heat and or smoke instantly thanks to our 24 hour monitoring services. Once our system detects a fire or smoke, in it’s early enough stages, it can warn your building occupants to get out of the building, which can save lives and hopefully reduce property damage.

Titan Alarm’s 24/7 Monitored Fire Alarms System Includes:

  • Heat and Smoke Detectors

Titan Alarm’s Monitored Fire Protection Systems Include:

  • Heat and Smoke Detectors
  • Automatic or Manual Fire Alarm System Boxes
  • Sirens and strobe lights for alerting occupants of businesses to danger.

The Best Fire Alarm Monitoring Company in Phoenix

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Titan Alarm’s experts are some of the best in the business, hands down. If you’re looking to have a fire alarm system installed in your business or home, or just want to have us come out to your place to inspect and test your current system, give us a call 602-680-4567 or text us 623-523-4849

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