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CCTV – closed-circuit television, has been a staple of security measures for decades! Think of all those blockbuster heist movies you’ve seen over the years. Almost 100% of them, without a doubt, have that scene of a security guard in a chair watching dozens of small screens, keeping an eye on the scene. That’s CCTV! 

CCTV is an incredibly cost-effective way to capture video of the workplace, but that’s not all it does! These camera networks are great for several different reasons. So let’s talk about them!

The 4 Powers of Commercial CCTV Systems

Immediate Recognition

Commercial CCTV systems pay for themselves almost immediately. The visible presence of cameras lowers the risk of burglary, but having a CCTV system also helps with catching vandalism, fires, and other acts as they happen so that someone can react quickly. CCTVs with remote access can help you keep an eye on your property even when the building is unoccupied and closed up for business. If someone watching the cameras sees a safety hazard, they can take action immediately to reduce the risk of injury or danger in the shortest amount of time.

Prevent/Deter and Help Solve Crime

As mentioned, the visible presence of CCTV cameras and other security measures are a huge deterrent for crime right off the bat. Criminals are looking for an easy score, not something that takes elaborate planning.  Should a crime be committed anyway, CCTV can help law enforcement agencies to settle the matter, using the footage can make a huge difference between the crime going unsolved and getting the criminal taken care of.

Fool-Proof Surveillance

Designing a CCTV network to cover a business 100% in surveillance cameras is an easy way to make your security almost foolproof. Multiple cameras covering blindspots creates a surveillance not hindered by human errors. Hook your network up to some remote access controls and the business can be viewed completely from any angle, at any time of the day.

Keep Everyone Honest and Putting Their Best Foot Forward

Let’s be honest, it’s not something we ever want to talk about or consider but maybe we must – there is the potential that employees could make mistakes, or do something incorrectly, or steal. Just like CCTV cameras on the outside of the business will deter criminals from breaking in, cameras on the inside of the facility will monitor goods, assets, and employees and prevent potential wrongdoing. If something does happen it will be easy to track down the guilty party.

Supervision is crucial to getting the best performance out of employees and customers, cameras can do the same to a certain degree. It’ll keep everyone, employees and customers alike putting their best foot forward.

Curious if CCTV is the right choice for your commercial property or business? Reach out to Titan Alarm today to discuss your unique security needs with our professionals!


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