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Welcome back to another blog here at Titan Alarm, where we give all our readers the information and tips they need to live safe, secure lives. Earlier this we gave an in-depth rundown on fire sprinkler systems, one of the most common fire suppression and safety systems out there. This time around we’d like to give a more wide look at the field of fire safety and what Titan Alarm specializes in!

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are perhaps the most crucial safety system when it comes to saving lives in the effect of a fire. When these trigger it signals to everyone in the building and emergency response teams that ‘Hey, there’s a fire, get outta here!’ Titan Alarm Inc. offers a wide range of fire alarm systems for both commercial and residential properties with options from traditional, hard-wired systems to systems with individual identifiers able to pinpoint a fire’s location to wireless alarms for maximum flexibility.  All of our alarm systems include 24/7 monitoring by our Five Diamond-certified central monitoring station. With a professional monitoring station ready to detect and respond, fire alarms become increasingly effective.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are perhaps the most immediate tool a home or business can have when it comes to actually suppress and fighting a fire. They are essential safety equipment that can quickly put the fire out or at least, prevent it from spreading. There are several different portable fire extinguisher classifications depending on the types of materials they’re used to combat. For example, a Class A fire extinguisher is the best choice for controlling the burning of solid, non-metal materials such as paper, cloth, and rubber, while a Class C fire extinguisher is used to control electrical fires. The best places to keep fire extinguishers in a home are the kitchen, garage, and master bedroom, as well as near outdoor cooking areas, as these are the areas where a fire is most likely to occur.

Sprinkler Systems

We talked about these plenty last time so we’ll make it brief. Fire sprinklers are the first line of defense should a fire break out. A sprinkler system is equipped with sensors that can detect the heat from a fire and automatically activate a flow of water to focus the fight where the fire is. A properly installed sprinkler system can deliver the early fire suppression that will keep a blaze under control until the fire department arrives on the scene.

Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

With about 65% of all residential fires starting in the kitchen, it makes sense to have something right there ready to stop them in their tracks. A fire hood kitchen suppression system is equipped with a heat-sensitive activation mechanism that will automatically deploy environmentally safe wet chemicals to extinguish fires that break out on stovetops or other cooking areas. Think of it like a specially designed fire extinguisher right in the kitchen hood.

Special Hazard Systems

A special hazard system can provide an excellent fire suppression solution in situations where a standard system is inadequate. They are often used to protect structures containing high-value or irreplaceable items and usually contain effective fire suppression agents such as carbon dioxide, foam, water mist or dry chemicals. These are a little harder to go in further detail as they really are unique to whatever situation they service. Just know that if you have a building with certain items that are easily damaged or of high value, Titan Alarm can help.

Backflow Testing

Alright, so this isn’t so much a system as it is a service that we are proud to offer here at Titan Alarm. Backflow testing checks for water supply contamination as a result of backflow. Backflow is due to pressure changes in the plumbing or fire suppression systems which can cause contaminated water to back up into the water supply. This is something you want an expert to keep an eye on.

And remember, these systems aren’t going to be the security you need unless you’re getting regular fire safety inspections performed! Get your systems installed, maintain inspections, and rest easy that should the worse occur – you’re prepared!

If you need any help with an inspection or installing a new sprinkler system, give Titan Alarm a call! We’re your fire security professionals!

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