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For many, taking our homes into the future means upgrading their capabilities. No longer is a roof just the place to block rain, now it’s the platform on which to build a solar array. The fridge doesn’t just keep the milk cold, it orders a fresh gallon when the milk is about to expire. Smart home devices run the gamut, from smart tvs to window coverings to fridges – even plumbing! 

This time on Titan Alarm – the types of smart home devices out there!

If you want to know the best devices in each category there are so many lists out there it’d make your head spin! This is just an intro for those looking to dip their toes in the smart home sphere.

Various Smart Home Devices 

Smart Home Security Cameras

As you might imagine, here at Titan Alarm we’re definitely interested in how smart home tech and home security can intersect. One of those ways? Home security cameras that are smart – meaning they’re tied to a smart hub, accessible through browsers or apps, and allow for immediate access.

Smart Home ‘Assistants’

Maybe the first thing people think of when they think of smart homes these days are these devices. The Amazon Echoes, Alexas, the Google Assistants. These have become the ‘face’ of many smart homes but they’re just a part of the system. Tied into a hub they work as a remote control.

Smart Home Thermostats

Smart home thermostats are pretty prodigious as well. There’s the Nest, the ecoBee, and more. What makes these such a widespread and useful tool is how frequently we want to control our home’s temperature and comfort! In Arizona of course our HVAC is a huge use of our energy so being able to fine-tune comfort and energy use makes it an optimal first smart home upgrade.

Smart Home Locks

Ever drive to work and start worrying if you remembered to lock your doors? Luckily, you probably didn’t forget. Locking our doors, turning off lights, all those automatic tasks we do as we go about our day are so automatic that we sometimes don’t even register if they’ve happened. With smart locks, you can simply check your phone and relock the door, no problem! Smart locks also make it so you don’t need to think twice about giving out spare keys for friends and family to check on your home! Simply have them text you when they’re there and with a press of a button you can unlock the doors for their easy access.

Smart Home Lights

Do you work odd hours? Come home after it’s already turning dark? Or are you going to be on vacation and want to give the appearance of being home? Smart lights can help solve that security issue! Smart lights look like bigger light bulbs, usually, they have some hardware in the base of the light. These then connect over wifi to your smart home hub which will allow you to set up regular On/Off time or access from your phone.

Smart Home Appliance

Ever want to know what’s in your fridge while still at work? Want to get the oven preheated so it is ready to go right when you walk in through the door? Do you often forget what groceries you need? Smart appliances may just be the solutions you’re looking for! Compared to some of the other smart home devices we’ve listed so far these appliances are going to run you a bit more to get installed but the comfort and convenience that give you might well be worth it!

Smart Home Doorbells

Smart doorbells provide a bunch of different benefits. They add a security camera so you can see who is at your door, they can turn off the ring or deliver vibration to your phone so you don’t have to worry about setting the dogs off. Necessary? No. But convenient! And that’s the name of the game when it comes to smart tech!

Smart Home Plugs

There are even smart plugs you can get for your outlets! Wish you could turn on, well, anything from your phone? You don’t have to have a smart version of whatever it is, you could simply plug it into a smart plug and get some of that convenience at your fingertips!

Smart Home…

You get the picture. If it’s in the home, chances are there is a smart version of it out there or on the way shortly. And you don’t have to be Tony Stark to take advantage of a smarter, automated home! Titan Alarm can get you started on your smart home dreams today!

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