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While installing a home security system is an important step for providing essential fire and theft prevention on your property and keeping your family safe, it offers little value if it isn’t working properly. Regular home security maintenance is necessary for ensuring your system remains in peak operating condition — and that it won’t let you down when you need it the most.

The best security system maintenance practices entail a combination of self-administered checks and professional inspection and testing.

DIY Tips for Maintaining Home Security Systems

Depending on the age of your system, you should perform a series of self-checks at least every three to six months. Your inspection should include:

  • Smoke detectors: Many home smoke detectors are equipped with a built-in button you can press to test the alarm. You’ll be able to tell immediately if the detector is working properly and if a battery replacement is in order.
  • Surveillance cameras: If your home security system includes surveillance cameras, check their positioning and power supply. Also, make sure all associated video recording devices are functioning appropriately.
  • Exterior lighting: Check your exterior/perimeter security lighting at night to make sure they are positioned properly and to determine whether any bulbs or fixtures need replacing.
  • Motion sensors: Test your motion sensors to be sure they will detect the presence of an intruder and trigger the appropriate alarm.
  • Control panel: The control panel for many home security systems includes a test mode that enables you to perform a self-diagnostic check to verify everything is functioning properly. If your system includes remote monitoring, you may need to notify your monitoring service prior to conducting the test to avoid triggering a false alarm.

Professional Security System Maintenance

It is also important to have your system professionally maintained at least once a year. This includes a thorough inspection and testing of the control panel and all connected components by a certified installer. A professional inspection company can perform a comprehensive alarm maintenance check and conduct any necessary troubleshooting steps.

Additionally, inspection and testing will reveal any hidden issues that may require more extensive repair work or the replacement of specific system components or devices. Your homeowner’s insurance provider may also require an annual inspection to allow you to maintain a premium discount for installing a home security system.

Titan Alarm, Inc. Provides Professional Home Security Maintenance Service in Phoenix, AZ

If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, you can count on the professionals at Titan Alarm, Inc., for all your security system maintenance needs. In addition to offering reliable security system design and installation services, we can test and calibrate your system and perform any needed repairs. Our alarm maintenance contracts provide a cost-effective way to meet your maintenance requirements, while removing the burden from your shoulders. Our testing services can also help you maintain compliance with the local fire codes in Phoenix and Maricopa County.

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