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The past two months on the Titan Alarm blog we have been discussing the power of video surveillance cameras, wifi and otherwise, as a security feature, and if you’ve only been reading our blog for that time you might think that’s the only type of security or alarm system out there. That couldn’t be further from the truth! So this time on the blog we wanted to answer the question, ‘just what are the different types of alarm systems out there?’

The Different Types of Alarm Systems

There are a few different ways you could break down the ‘types’ of alarm systems. You might look at the different things that could trigger an alarm system, such as flood, fire, break-in, carbon monoxide, those kinds of things. Or you can break them down into their bigger differences. For our purposes this time, we are going to do that and look at the types of alarm systems, not what triggers them.

Wired Alarm System

Wired alarm systems are tied to your landline, using the connection to transmit the signal to a monitoring station. Wired alarm systems have the benefit of a stable connection but there is the risk of wires being cut or damaged in a storm which would take out the system’s power entirely. Because of this weakness, a cellular backup is usually recommended to prevent any loss of service due to weather or other interruption.

Wireless Alarm System

Just like it says on the tin, a wireless alarm system relies on radio frequencies to transmit the signal. These alarm systems are made up of a series of sensors on the various doors and windows and a central control panel. The sensors send signals to the control panel and the control panel then sends the signals onward.

Wireless systems are popular due to the ability to easily network them into a home security system and using smart functionality to view the video feed on the user’s phone, tablet or another device.

Electric Current Alarm System

An electric current alarm system relies on the power of circuits, that is an unbroken flow of electric current through points. These kinds of systems are the most basic of alarms, installed on entrance points like doors and windows. There will be two pieces, one that installs on the door or window proper and the other that is right next to it on the door frame or window jamb. When the door or window is closed the circuit is complete, low voltage electricity circuits flow between the two points and your system reads it all as green. When the door or window is opened the circuit breaks and triggers the alarm.

Unmonitored Alarm Systems

An unmonitored alarm system is sometimes known as a local alarm, since it relies on someone nearby to hear the alert. When the system is tripped audible and visual alarms, beeps and flashing lights, trigger but no alert is sent to a monitoring station or authorities. Because of this these systems are typically cheaper but they don’t provide the same level of security and responsiveness. 

Monitored Alarm Systems

The opposite of unmonitored is, well, monitored! These alarm systems, whether they are wired, wireless, or working off electric currents, are tied into a monitoring system to alert trusted security professionals. Whenever monitored home alarms trigger they send an alert to the proper authorities, whether police or fire, and get them responding no matter the time! These alerts will also go to a monitoring company who can then contact you to verify the alarm, and make sure that you are safe.

Want to know more about the different alarm systems? Have questions about the cost for a professional install? Call Titan Alarm today, our security professionals are standing by to help you protect and secure your homes and businesses with the best equipment for your unique security situation.

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