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Last time on the Titan Alarm blog we talked about the different types of home fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems available, just a brief rundown of the variety of options available. These are the types of systems that will make your home safer from fires, protecting your home, valuables, and your family. But if you’re not ready to invest in those systems, or you’re just looking for the best places where to install smoke detectors – you’ve found the blog for you!

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are simple, battery-powered devices that, well, detect smoke. And as the saying goes “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” These detect smoke and put out an alarm so anyone in the home knows ‘There is smoke so get the heck out!’ To do your best at defending your home and family, smoke detectors should be installed just about everywhere. 

Smoke Detectors Should Be Installed – 

  • On each floor of your home
  • Inside/Directly outside each –
    • Bedroom
    • Common Area
    • Laundry Room
    • Kitchen
  • At least 10 feet away from kitchen appliances, to avoid false alarms.
  • On the ceiling!
    • If you can’t install it on the ceiling, make sure it’s no more than 12 inches below it.

It is also best to install interconnected alarms and detectors, so that should a detector pick up smoke in the kitchen, your alarms will sound throughout the house ensuring no fires go unnoticed.

Do Not Install Smoke Detectors – 

  • On sliding doors or windows, where wind or air may interfere with the detection of smoke
  • In humid areas, such as bathrooms
  • Near fans or vents (see the first point about wind and air)

Follow those Dos and Don’ts and your home smoke alarm systems should be adequately set up to protect you and yours. But smoke alarms aren’t a set and forget it set up! You’ll need to do a few pieces of maintenance to be sure you’re properly protected. 

Remember To:

Test the Smoke Detector Monthly

The National Fire Prevention Association, NFPA, suggests testing the detector monthly to ensure it’s working as it should. Most every smoke detector should come standard with a single press test button. When pressed it will sound a test alarm, and flash a light indicating the detector is working. If not, it needs replacement, either batteries or the whole unit.

Replace the Batteries Annually

Even better, change them twice a year! Sure, those batteries may still have juice in them, but the smoke detector is the last place where you want the batteries dying on you. Swap the old batteries into some remotes to use the rest of their charge, but keep the smoke detectors fresh!

Replace the Smoke Detector Every 10 Years

A decade is about the most you can expect from a smoke detector. Replace them every 10 years to make sure you always have a properly working one. If you don’t know how old your detectors are, say if you moved into a home with them already installed, check the back for any note or sticker with an install date – otherwise, it’s better safe than sorry!

Always, Keep the Smoke Detector Clean

Keeping your detector clean of dust, dirt, pet hair, and any other particles that might interfere with its ability to detect smoke. This is especially crucial here in Arizona with how dusty things get!

Follow those instructions, stick to those reminders and your smoke detectors should be keeping you safe from fires for a long time to come! But remember, detectors don’t do anything to fight the fire – just to alert inhabitants of its presence! For that, you’ll want to install sprinkler systems and potentially alarm monitoring services as well. 

Want to know what other options you have for fire safety? Contact us, get a free estimate and consultation from Arizona’s Leading Home Fire Protection Experts!

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