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We’re continuing our month on security cameras here at the Titan Alarm blog! Last time we looked at outdoor security cameras, and particular considerations that should be, well, considered when installing security cameras outside. A large part of that was discussing the merits of wireless security cameras, but we didn’t dive as deep as we may have wanted to, so we’re doing that today! This time on the blog, wifi security cameras, how they work and what to know!

WiFi Security Cameras

What is a WiFi Security Camera

A WiFi security camera is another name for wireless security cameras. These wireless cameras send the video data they capture over WiFi to whatever server or cloud-based software is used to monitor them. These cameras connect and communicate with your router, or whatever the base of your home security system is. While some of these may have power cords, others will be battery operated. That’s an important distinction – the wireless here is specifically in reference to how it connects and feeds the data from the camera to the rest of the system, not the power.

This connectivity will allow your camera to immediately send footage to the cloud, so even if something should happen to the camera, say it gets smashed or stolen, you’ll have the recording and access to it. Cloud storage like this also makes it easier for users to view the footage on their phones, tablets, or computers – anywhere and anything with a WiFi connection!

Let’s lay out the pros and cons in a couple of quick lists, then we’ll dive deeper into it.

The Pros of a WiFi Security Camera

  • Easy to install, manage, operate.
  • Can have advanced features. 
  • Access footage from anywhere!
  • No wires means no easy target for burglars to snip.

The biggest advantage to wireless security cameras are their ease of install and the access to footage over the internet. These two things are huge selling points for most users. You may need to mount them into a wall or ceiling, but that takes a little bit of drillwork and you’re good to go. Use the camera’s app to connect to the wireless network and you’re in business!

Speaking of those apps, those are such a huge boon for most people. These apps are easy to use, allow you to store footage on the app, and easily navigate through videos and events. You can also control your camera’s setting right there.

The Cons of a WiFi Security Camera

  • There may be an ongoing fee for cloud storage.
  • Completely reliant on quality of home WiFi.
  • If they are battery operated, those need to be replaced.
  • Potentially susceptible to hacking.

The additional monthly fees for a cloud storage solution can be a major drawback for some owners. They’re looking for a one-time purchase and set up, and ongoing fees might not be worth it, to them.

The biggest negative of WiFi security cameras is based on their biggest positive. The reliance on your WiFi. If your WiFi is slow, or the router is weak and too far from the cameras, or any of a whole host of potential wireless connectivity issues are present your wireless security cameras aren’t going to perform as you’d like them to. You may experience videos that lag, glitch, or even fail to upload due to a loss of signal. Similarly the quality of the video will fluctuate based on the internet bandwidth as it’s being used. If you invest in 4k cameras, you may not get that high quality footage because of this overload on the networks.

Similarly, because wireless cameras connect directly to the internet and are built for remote access, they can be susceptible to being hacked. To counter this potential you need to stay on top of updating your camera’s software, as well as using encryption in your home and strong passwords.

WiFi Security Cameras Are As Powerful As Your WiFi Allows

Wireless security cameras can be a great option for many homes and businesses, but it is worth it to truly understand their pros, cons, and how your own system would perform. Need help understanding which is the right option for you? Call Titan Alarm today, and our security professionals will help you to create your security solution.

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