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Safest Cities in Arizona 2016

Arizona has always been known and famous for its natural beauty, it’s long rich cowboy history, and all of its timeless traditions. Arizona also has a low unemployment rate and the commercial world is constantly growing, which means there is job growth as well,...

What Is Crash and Smash Protection?

When someone is a professional Burglar, they have developed many different ways to get into a house undetected. Some of them are quiet and stealthy, while others are fast. With a Titan Alarm system, Crash and Smash Protection is a safeguard that is already installed...

Z-Wave Smart Home

When we talk about smart home devices there are many different brands we can cover with that topic, but with Titan Alarm you will always receive a Z-Wave Certified smart home device. Now you may be asking yourself, what’s Z-Wave? That’s something that...