Home Energy Management
Systems in Arizona

Home Energy management systems have become an important part of keeping a household budget under control. With the rising costs of electricity your heating, cooling and lighting bills are going up. Turn to the leader in home automation. We make it easy to control the cost of AC, heating and electricity by letting you adjust it remotely. Stay in control of your energy use easily and from anywhere.

Energy is mainly consumed by your HVAC equipment and your lighting. This is followed by appliances like the hot water heater, stove, clothes dryer and electronics. While it’s a great idea to upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, it’s not always possible. Now you can control how you use them through a remote access energy management device. Why blast the AC if you’re not home? Why leave every light on? Put it within your control with our remote energy management system. It uses a touch screen thermostat that interacts with the Titan Touch Screen Control Panel. This can be programmed and operated with a simple smart phone app or a laptop.

Energy Management System for Thermostats

Your heating and cooling can be pre-set to provide maximum comfort for only those times when your home is occupied. Sure, you can do this while you’re in the house, but think about the times when you are not – or you forget. With cellular monitoring technology you can control your heating and cooling through remote access. We make it simple.

With home automation installation, your energy management system will allow you to:

Remote access to all of these features saves you money and adds to your comfort. Home automation has been taken to a whole new level. Call us now for a free consultation about saving energy the smart way.

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When you are not home during the daytime, leaving lights on is a waste of money and electricity. With remote energy management, you can control the lighting to go on and off in any location at any time. The bathroom light can be set to go on randomly as it would if you were there. If you are out late, you can turn off lights and then turn them on as you reach your driveway. Home automation provides savings and greater security for your entire family.

Energy conservation can be made simple with our home energy management system. Once installed, home automation does everything for you. All you need for maximum savings is to input your preferences. In no time at all, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption and start saving real money.

Call for a free consultation or fill out the form on our home page. A courteous and knowledgeable home automation technician will be in touch soon. Take the first step to energy savings today. Titan installs home energy management systems in Arizona and all surrounding areas.