Advanced Security Access Control

In Scottsdale and all across the region, both homeowners and commercial businesses are utilizing the latest technology to make their premises safer and more secure. The measures you took to guard against unauthorized access and intrusion five, 10 or even 20 years ago are in many ways obsolete. Rather than a lock-and-key system that can easily be copied, cracked or manipulated, Titan Alarm offers access control systems that are smart, cost-efficient and effective.

We are a security alarm company that provides comprehensive solutions that are completely automated and integrated into a single, web-accessible system. Our residential and commercial access control systems in Scottsdale, AZ give you the power to monitor and manage exactly who is able to enter your building or specific areas within your business. Whether you’re still at work and need to ensure your children are able to enter the house after school or you run a busy commercial space with dozens of employees and customers coming and going all day long, our access system allows you to maintain total control from the convenience of a smartphone app.

Commercial Access Control in Scottsdale

Titan Alarm offers a full-service experience for businesses interested in an access control system in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. From one to two-door systems for smaller business locations to multi-facility systems with thousands of potential access points, there’s no job too small or large for our capabilities. We’ll help reduce the risk of lost, stolen or copied keys while taking your security to a higher level with a scalable system that offers smart access control for all types of entry functions.

Take comfort in knowing you can keep track of everyone coming and going at all times from your business location by supplying each user a specific code to the doors which they are granted access to. You’ll even get an automated text or alert when designated access points are currently in use, along with the ability to visually confirm and monitor individuals via HD video surveillance.

Additional advantages of choosing a commercial access control system from Titan Alarm include:

What Sets Us Apart in Access Control

Scottsdale and the surrounding areas are Titan Alarm territory for commercial access control. Unlike the competition that outsources work to unaffiliated contractors to install an access control system, we only hire experienced security system professionals who will treat you and your home or business with respect. You get access to the top selling security system in Arizona and across the nation, along with customer service that goes the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Get in touch with us for more information and a free quote on a state-of-the-art commercial access control system in Scottsdale today!