How 24 x 7 Security Monitoring Keeps You Safe

A fire or break-in can occur at your home or place of business at any time — even when no one is there. That’s why it’s so important to install a reliable security system that includes 24/7 fire monitoring services.

In a typical monitoring scenario, the activation of a fire or burglar alarm or the triggering of a motion sensor immediately sends a signal to a central monitoring station staffed by fully trained professionals. These individuals can assess the nature of the security threat and quickly dispatch first responders if necessary.

The obvious advantage of having a reliable monitoring service is that help can be sent much more quickly to your home or business in an emergency. A faster response time can minimize the amount of property damage, and in some cases may mean the difference between life and death. A professional monitoring service can also determine whether a real threat exists, or if it’s nothing more than a false alarm that doesn’t warrant further investigation.

Titan Alarm’s Fire Monitoring Systems Include:

Fire Alarm Monitoring for Your Commercial or Residential Property

Fires are a major issue and concern for both business owners and residential property owners. It may be easy to rebuild an office or home after a fire, but it’s near impossible to recuperate all of your losses and to cover the emotional traumas that occurred from the fire.

According to many fire records, most large loss fires are able to reach such a high level of destruction because of late detection of smoke and fire which causes fire authorities to be called late. The first five minutes of a fire are the most crucial, with early detection from Titan Alarm monitoring, we can contact the local fire authorities in a reliable and timely matter.

With Titan Alarm, our Fire Alarm Monitoring goes above and beyond the average monitoring company. We detect and report heat and or smoke instantly thanks to our 24 hour monitoring services. Once our system detects a fire or smoke, in it’s early enough stages, it can warn your building occupants to get out of the building, which can save lives and hopefully reduce property damage.

Titan Alarm’s Fire Monitoring Systems Include:

There are several ways that a signal can be delivered from an alarm system’s control panel to the central monitor station. Prior to 2010, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 72) National Fire Alarm Code stipulated that building owners were required to have at least one dedicated Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) line and a second, non-dedicated POTS or cellular line for transmitting monitoring signals.

Choosing a Five Diamond-Certified Monitoring Station

Regardless of which type of signal delivery method your security system employs, you should consider choosing a monitoring station that has attained Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) Five Diamond Certification.

CSAA is a non-profit trade association that’s dedicated to advancing the professional monitoring industry via education, advocacy and the fostering of strong public safety relationships with law enforcement, insurance companies and other relevant entities. This coveted certification is awarded to monitoring stations that have met high standards of excellence in the following areas:

Titan Alarm Inc. Provides Advanced Monitoring Services Throughout Arizona

Titan alarm offers superior security systems supported by professional monitoring services. Our systems feature technologically advanced cellular monitoring that enables fast and reliable two-way communication with our Five Diamond-certified central monitoring station. Our monitoring station is staffed around the clock by certified monitoring personnel who serve as your property’s omnipresent, ever-vigilant security watchdog. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive security and monitoring solutions today.