What Are the Types of Fire Alarms?

Fire alarm systems can be broken down into three basic categories:

Fire Alarms for Homes and Businesses in Arizona

Selecting a new fire alarm system for your home or business can be a difficult, confusing task these days. Rapid advancements in fire alarm technology in recent years has led to the development of innovative, multifunctional systems that can detect fire and smoke more quickly and efficiently than ever.

It takes a careful evaluation of each system to choose the one that meets your unique fire protection needs and fits your budget. It’s also important to ensure the system meets all applicable fire codes in your area.

Titan Alarm Inc. Can Help You Choose the Right Fire Alarm

Titan Alarm Inc. is your one-stop headquarters in the Arizona area for a wide selection of fire alarm systems from leading manufacturers. We also have the expertise to help you determine which system type will work best in your home or commercial building. Our services include complete system design and installation — and you can always count on us for prompt, reliable system maintenance, testing and inspection.

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