How To Properly Install a Fire Alarm System

Elements of a properly executed fire alarm installation include:

Smoke detectors should be installed in all levels of a residential or commercial structure. In homes, they should be installed in bedrooms and outside sleeping areas, as well as in kitchens, attics, basements and garages.

Specific smoke detector installation guidelines include placing them as high as possible on walls and ceilings — they should be no more than 12 inches away from a ceiling, and no more than three feet from the peak of a pitched ceiling. In a basement, install the smoke alarm on the ceiling, at the bottom of a stairway that leads to the next level.

Ask your installer to interconnect the smoke alarms. When one smoke detector sounds, it will trigger the sounding of the other detectors.

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A new fire alarm system for a home or business should include a custom system design followed by a professional installation. While you could attempt to install the system yourself, this is not generally recommended unless you have previous installation experience.

An installation performed by a reputable alarm system provider (which is often the same company that designed your system) will ensure the alarm will function properly and safely. A professional installation is also more likely to comply with the applicable building/electrical codes in your local area.

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