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What Types of Commercial Security Services are Provided by Titan Alarm

Those who know security companies in Arizona know that Titan Alarm Security is a company to trust. Our professional, personable security specialists are enthusiastic about protecting your business from anyone who would do you harm. We’re a full-service company that can offer you a complete suite of modern security and automation solutions in Tucson, including:

  • Intrusion Detection: Vandals, industrial saboteurs and ordinary criminals can all be threats to your business in Tucson. Our highly sensitive intrusion detection solutions let you feel that your facility is completely secure even at night or on weekends when the business is empty. Our advanced solutions can include motion sensors, door contacts, photoelectric eyes, glass break detectors and more.
  • Video Surveillance: Video surveillance makes sure you have eyes on your property at all times. You want to make sure you have the highest quality video cameras so you can capture any potential intruders, as well as see where and when employees, guests or visitors enter and leave the building. As one of the largest installers of IP video cameras in all of Arizona, we can install a complete set of HD-cameras to cover all the critical points around your commercial property. You can access the cameras from your digital device, so you’ll always be able to check on your business for peace of mind. Recordings are stored safely in the cloud so you can access them at any time.
  • Access Control: Too many businesses don’t give enough thought to access control. A simple key and lock is not sufficient to keep out any skilled burglar. It also doesn’t give you any information about who is coming into your facility and when. Our access control systems allow you to restrict sensitive areas only to authorized personnel as well as keep track of when employees or guests are coming into or exiting the building.

Nothing is more important to the integrity of your business than security. Protect it the right way. Call 602-680-4567 or contact us online for more information on Titan Alarm Security, or for a free estimate on security system installation today.

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Why Customers Choose Titan Alarm as Their Commercial Security Provider

If you don’t have a quality business security system in Tucson, you’re putting your entire operation in jeopardy. Whether you run a retail business with valuable products on the floor to protect, a warehouse loaded with critical inventory or an office containing computers with sensitive corporate information, leaving your valuable assets open to outside attack could be devastating for your business.

That’s why when it comes to a reliable commercial alarm company in Tucson, Titan Alarm Security fits the bill. Our business alarm systems are high-tech to give your business the ultimate protection, as well as easy-to-install and operate, so setting up your business alarm system in Tucson is stress-free.

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