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    What Is Backflow and How Does It Happen?

    Backflow occurs when non-potable water from a sprinkler system flows back through the pipes and potentially contaminates the drinking supply. It is clear why it is very important to address backflow with your fire protection in Tucson.

    Backflow happens in one of two ways. When downstream pipe pressure goes higher than the supply pressure of the pipe system, you get back pressure — and backflow can occur. If the supply pressure goes below the water system pressure, you can also get backflow. This type of backflow is called back siphonage.

    How Do You Test for and Prevent Backflow?

    You cannot test for backflow on your own. You will need a qualified backflow inspector to test your system to make sure it is operating properly. The backflow professional shuts down the water supply and visually checks to make sure the water is flowing the right way, then employs a test kit to verify the condition of the system.

    If you have a backflow problem, you need to install a backflow preventer. This creates an air gap that stops contaminated water from collecting and flowing the wrong way. Your fire system professional can help you choose the right backflow preventer.

    You may opt for a double-check assembly for your Tucson fire prevention system. This is an all-purpose valve that protects you from both back pressure and back siphonage.

    You may also choose a reduced pressure zone assembly. This is the standard backflow preventer for apartment buildings, since they provide maximum protection against contaminating backflow. Another possibility is the pressure vacuum breaker assembly, which is a spring-loaded system you use in high-hazard situations with downstream valves.

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      Backflow Testing in Tucson, AZ

      If you have a fire protection system, you have made a smart and safe choice to protect your home or business. However, you also need to be aware of backflow. If you have not addressed this, you need a quality backflow testing company in Tucson to make sure you do not have a backflow issue.

      If you are located in Tucson, you can call Titan Alarm Inc. today for full backflow testing and inspection and help installing your backflow preventer. Call us at 602-680-4567 or contact us online now.

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