Fire Alarm Systems

In minutes, a fire in your home or business can destroy everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. Investing in a quality fire alarm system is one of the best things you can do — both for your property and your peace of mind. At Paradise Valley’s Titan Alarm Inc., we understand the importance of sophisticated, technologically advanced early warning systems. Our products and services provide superior protection against residential and commercial smoke and fire damage. Keep reading to learn more, or contact our office to request a quote today!

Residential Fire Alarm Systems

Your home is likely to be the single-biggest purchase you make. Why rely on anything less than the best systems on the market today to protect it from fire? A Titan Alarm fire alarm system is a true 21st century solution to preventing residential fires. Our systems are customized to provide full visibility and advanced warning in the event of an emergency. Cloud-based video monitors, available on select systems, allow you to check up on your home from any internet-enabled computer or smartphone. Our UL/FM listed, 5-Diamond certified monitoring team works around the clock to respond immediately to emergencies and filter out false alarms. Best of all, we back up every system we install with maintenance and repair support to ensure your home is protected for the long term.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Your home isn’t the only valuable property that requires protecting. Titan Alarm has worked with leading businesses in Paradise Valley to install fire-monitoring systems that safeguard valuable assets and help meet regulatory and legal requirements. Our commercial customers span a wide range of industries and include everything from small retail storefronts to major manufacturing plants or multi-building compounds. Every business is different — we specialize in customized systems and services that provide advanced protection against all threats.

Testing and Inspections

Your responsibilities as a property owner don’t end once you’ve installed a fire alarm system. In Paradise Valley, you are legally required to have regular system inspections performed by a licensed company. Titan Alarm’s team is fully qualified to inspect and test commercial fire alarm systems to the necessary standards. If we notice any issues that could affect system compliance or performance, we can make the necessary upgrades and provide detailed reporting of our work.

Service and Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is another requirement of any fire alarm monitoring system. For straightforward home alarms, this may be as simple as checking a battery or performing an annual test. For more complex commercial systems, professional assistance may be necessary. Let Titan Alarm set up a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule for your fire monitoring system. We can provide the training and tools you need to perform select regular service items in-house. Alternately, consider contracting maintenance and repairs out to our team entirely. With our expertise, we can make sure you remain vigilant against threats at all times.

Paradise Valley’s Fire Monitoring Systems Experts

Protect what matters most to you with Titan Alarm. We are the professional’s choice for full-service residential and commercial fire monitoring systems in Paradise Valley and beyond. Give our team a call today to learn more about how our products and services keep you safe and sound.