What Are Special Hazard Systems?

A special hazard system combines fire detection and control elements with a fire suppression system. The fire suppression component makes use of various fire prevention agents that can quickly extinguish a blaze, such as inert gases, carbon dioxide, foam or dry chemicals. The most appropriate agent type depends on the specific environment.

For example, carbon dioxide is best-suited for an area containing equipment that could be damaged by toxic or liquid residues, while foam is usually the best choice in areas that use or store flammable liquids.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Special Hazard System?

Special hazard systems offer a safe, reliable fire suppression alternative in areas where sprinklers are not appropriate. They’re designed to mitigate a business interruption that often occurs in the wake of a major fire, as well as to limit the loss of information, data, assets and revenue.

Most importantly, a special hazard system can provide the early, effective fire suppression that will protect people and save lives.

Where Will You Find Special Hazard Systems?

Special hazard fire suppression systems are widely used in the following facilities and work environments:

Special Hazard System to Extinguish Fires

A “standard” fire suppression system may not be the best option in every situation. A special hazard system can provide an effective fire suppression solution in high-hazard facilities where there is a need to extinguish fire with greater speed and efficiency than a traditional sprinkler system.

Special hazard systems also present a safer option in areas containing high-value equipment or irreplaceable assets that are vulnerable to water damage, or for controlling the burning of materials that may not respond well to water.

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Special hazard systems do require specialized design and installation. If you operate a business in Arizona that could benefit from a special hazard system, Titan Alarm Inc. has the expertise to handle the design and installation process for you, as well as provide timely, reliable maintenance and repair service. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.