Full Service Fire Alarm Provider in Chandler

Whether you own a home or operate a business, it’s your obligation to take the appropriate steps to ensure your property and valuable assets are thoroughly protected. Titan Alarm is a fire alarm provider in Chandler, AZ offering comprehensive fire alarm services including installation, system monitoring and equipment maintenance. We have the expertise to provide a fully automated and integrated security system that offers the highest level of protection against accident, natural disaster or criminal activity.

Fast and Efficient Fire Alarm Installation

We set ourselves apart from other local businesses by providing world-class home and business security solutions customized to meet your needs. Our experienced team will assist in designing, installing and monitoring a cutting-edge system that’s controllable around the clock via secure online portal or smartphone app. We provide residential and commercial fire alarm installation in Chandler and the surrounding area, and our systems include:

Dedicated Fire Alarm Monitoring

There are many benefits of choosing a fire alarm provider that’s capable of offering the ongoing support necessary to keep your employees, customers, friends and neighbors safe in case of emergency. Following a home or commercial fire alarm installation in Chandler, we continue to serve our clients by delivering advanced monitoring services to ensure your system is always functioning properly.

Expert Fire Alarm Maintenance

Chandler businesses including restaurants, commercial properties, manufacturing facilities and other locations where the risk of fire damage is high can play it safe with a fire alarm maintenance contract with Titan Alarm. We’re capable of taking care of everything necessary to ensure your system is fully operational and ready to respond at the first sign of danger. From inspecting, cleaning and testing alarms to verifying correct operation of all components, our technicians are trained to service all manner of new and existing fire alarms.

As a leading provider of fire alarm maintenance in Chandler, we offer a preferred service contract that includes all parts and labor for warranty repairs on alarm systems. Labor-only service contracts and after-hours and weekend services are also available upon request.

Get in Touch About Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance

We’re a family owned and operated local business offering high-quality, cost-effective security solutions throughout Arizona and beyond. If you’re searching for a fire alarm provider in Chandler, give our friendly and knowledgeable representatives a call or contact us online to request a free assessment. Whether you need the most advanced fire alarm system available for a commercial location or a comprehensive security solution for your home, Titan Alarm will be happy to accommodate your needs.