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    Titan Alarm is known for its friendly and professional security system specialists. We truly look forward to assisting you!

    What You Get When You Choose Titan Alarm as Your Video Surveillance Company

    When you decide to install video surveillance cameras. you want to do it with a company you can trust. Titan Alarm Inc. is one of the biggest IP video camera installers in Arizona, so you can be sure we know what we’re doing.

    Our HD-quality IP cameras can give you a complete picture of whatever is happening inside or outside of your facility. That “eyes-on” benefit can not only deter thieves, but can also encourage your employees to perform just as they would if you were on the premises.

    In addition, when you contact Titan Alarm Inc. for video surveillance in Tucson, you get more than just high-quality video cameras. We offer:

    • Video Event Verification: Verifies an intrusion before alerting authorities, in order to reduce the likelihood of false alarms and quicken police response time.
    • Cloud Recording: All of your footage is stored safely in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing it or accessing it whenever you need to.
    • Video Monitoring/Guard Tour: Our analytic software can notify our monitors fast whenever someone unauthorized is on the premises. With video monitoring, you may no longer feel the need for on-site security guards. We can also automatically connect to your cameras to tour the facility at times of your choosing — another great substitute for onsite guards.
    • Maintenance and System Monitoring: If one of your cameras goes down, you might not even know it until it’s too late. We offer a preventative maintenance contract to make sure your system is functioning throughout the year, as well as constant health monitoring so we can alert you right away if there are any errors in your system.

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      Already a Customer and Need Our Support Team?

      Titan Alarm is known for its friendly and professional security system specialists. We truly look forward to assisting you! If you’re searching for an alarm system in Tucson and beyond that is capable of maintaining the safety of your home, office or business, Titan Alarm answers the call. We’re a full service provider of advanced security systems that meet your needs and fit your modern lifestyle. Our fully automated systems will not only keep out intruders, but they can also provide the power to monitor and control your entire home 24/7 from wherever you can access the Internet

      Video Surveillance in Tucson, AZ

      There are a few ways to protect your home or business from potential thieves, vandals and other intruders, but one of the most effective is video monitoring. In Tucson, having quality video cameras set up around your home or business is the next best thing to being there. In fact, in many ways it’s even better, since you have “eyes” on your property without putting yourself in physical danger from an intruder afraid of getting caught.

      For quality security cameras in Tucson, you want the security camera company Tucson residents and businesses have come to trust: Titan Alarm Inc. We are your local, family-owned business with a full range of security alarm services that use state-of-the-art technology, including cutting-edge video surveillance equipment.

      Why Should I Invest in Video Monitoring for My Home or Business?

      When you choose video monitoring for your home, you get the highest level of professional support that ensures your premises remain secure. With around-the-clock video monitoring of your home or business, 365 days a year from our central control center, you benefit from:

      • Industry-leading response time.

      • Protection against intrusion and emergency.

      • Fast and accurate alarm verification.

      • Police and fire dispatch within seconds or minutes.

      • Two-way audio communication.

      • Text, push and phone call alerts.

      Frequently Asked Questions about Video Surveillance

      Are Signs Required for Video Surveillance?

      For the most part, no signs are not required. Outside of your home is considered public space and you are legally able to record in that space without putting up a sign. Signs are a useful way to alert people and potential criminals that there is surveillance in place to deter anything from happening.

      Is it Better to Have Wired or Wireless Cameras?

      Like most things, it depends. Wired cameras will have a more stable signal but will have a clear weakness in that the line can be cut or damaged. Wireless cameras rely on a network so if those go down the feeds will too, but wireless cameras come with versatility.

      How Do Wireless Cameras Get Power?

      When we’re talking about ‘wireless’ cameras, we’re specifically referring to the means by which the signal is transmitted from the camera to a receiver. The cameras themselves will still likely use either cables for power.


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      You might pay any price to protect the people and things that are dearest to you. Fortunately, Titan Alarm Inc. video surveillance solutions are quite affordable and can save you a countless amount by preventing potential burglaries, vandalism or other criminal activity. You can start by calling for a completely free, no-obligation estimate on a video surveillance system for your home or business.

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