Using a Video Surveillance System to Protect Your Home

What is more important than the safety and security of your home and the people in it? We all think of our homes as our safe space and our refuge against the world, but even in Tucson there are unsavory types who refuse to respect the sanctity of the home. These criminals come armed with up-to-date knowledge of the best ways to break into your home — and you need the most up-to-date methods to protect yourself and your family from them.

That’s why, for residential video surveillance in Tucson, it’s so important that you contact Titan Alarm Inc. right away. We can not only provide you with residential security cameras for your Tucson home, but we can also pair it with high-quality video monitoring that will allow us to respond and notify the proper authorities whenever we detect an unauthorized intrusion on your property.

For 24/7 protection and ultimate peace of mind, there’s no substitute for a Titan Alarm residential surveillance system in Tucson.

How Titan Alarm Inc. Home Video Surveillance Protects Your Home

It starts with our video cameras. These are HD-quality IP cameras that capture virtually everything, both day and night. They are like having a set of eyes watching the outside of your home 24 hours a day.

Then there’s the cloud-based recording system. All video footage goes safely to the cloud, where it will not be lost and you can access it at any time. Plus, the system offers video monitoring and verification. We make sure that you are experiencing an actual intrusion or unauthorized invasion and let the police know fast.

Because they know a false alarm is unlikely, they’ll respond faster and the chances of apprehending the criminal rise. However, in many cases, just the presence of cameras is enough to send a potential intruder elsewhere.

Protect Your Home With Titan Alarm Home Video Surveillance in Tucson Today

There’s no time to lose when it comes to keeping your home and family safe. For the ultimate in protection in Tucson, call one of Tucson’s most trusted names in home protection. Contact us online or call 602-680-4567 for a free estimate today.

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