Fire System Testing and Inspection in Tucson, AZ

Is your fire alarm working? Whether you’re talking about your home or your business, your answer is probably, “I think so.” Without a proper fire alarm system inspection, your Tucson home or business fire alarm could be faulty without you even knowing it.

No matter how good your fire alarm system is, it has mechanical and electronic parts that manufacturers design knowing they have a limited shelf life. Those parts may last for years, but when their time is up, they wear out — and your fire alarm may malfunction as a result.

The solution is to contact a reliable fire alarm testing company in Tucson for regular inspection and testing. If you have a commercial fire alarm, testing in Tucson is required for compliance with the National Fire Protection (NFPA) 72 standards and possibly local fire codes as well.

How Does Residential or Commercial Fire Alarm Testing in Tucson Work?

When you call your qualified fire alarm testing company in Tucson, trained professionals come to your home or business and use their tools and knowledge to go over each facet of your system, from the control unit and power supply to the fuses, switches and other components.

A qualified fire alarm inspection professional will follow the NFPA checklist for what they require to meet testing requirements.

Titan Alarm Inc. Is the Fire Alarm Inspection Company in Tucson for Your Home or Business

If you need a certified professional for NFPA 72-compliant inspection and testing of your fire alarm system in Tucson, you need to contact Titan Alarm Inc. today. We are a local Arizona alarm company well-known for our high-tech alarm system solutions for security and fire safety. Our trained experts know modern fire alarm systems inside and out and can quickly and affordably inspect and test your system so you’re fully prepared should a fire break out on your property.

For a free estimate on fire alarm inspection in Tucson or to discuss our services, call 602-680-4567 today.

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