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Fire Sprinkler System Provider in Phoenix, AZ

While fire alarms and smoke detectors are an integral part of any home or business fire protection system, they do not have the ability to keep a fire under control. A properly installed sprinkler system will provide the immediate response that can make the difference between a minor fire with minimal damage and a major catastrophic event.

Sprinkler systems are connected to water pipes in walls and ceilings. They’re equipped with intuitive sensors that detect heat generated by a fire and automatically activate a flow of water from the sprinkler heads that can control, or in some cases, extinguish the fire.

The Best Fire Sprinkler System Provider in Phoenix

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Exploring the Many Types of Sprinkler Systems

There are several types of fire sprinkler systems for residential and commercial buildings. Examples include:

  • Wet pipe: Wet pipe systems are the most common type. They keep a constant supply of water in the sprinkler heads, enabling the system to react quickly upon detection of a fire. Wet sprinklers are often the best choice in buildings where there is no risk of freezing.
  • Dry pipe: In a dry pipe system, the water is not stored in the pipes. Instead, the pipes are filled with pressurized air, while a specially designed control valve holds back the water flow. When the system’s sensors detect heat from a fire, the sprinkler heads automatically open. The resulting drop in pressure opens the valve, allowing the water to flow through the sprinkler head and onto the fire. Dry pipe systems provide an alternative to wet pipes in areas where freezing is an issue.
  • Pre-action: Pre-action sprinklers are designed to prevent accidental water discharge, making them a good option for buildings containing high-value or sensitive materials. The pipes are filled with air instead of water. The triggering of two sensors is required to initiate the water flow from within the piping system.
  • Deluge: As the name indicates, deluge systems release a heavy amount of water onto a fire, making them a good choice for structures containing flammable liquids, as well as warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

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