What Is a Fire Alarm Maintenance Plan?

Fire alarm system maintenance is a multistep process that should be conducted by an experienced, reputable alarm system provider. The process involves testing and calibrating initiating devices (smoke and flame detectors, manual pull stations, etc.) and other alarm sensors.

The system’s annunciators should also be tested via the input simulation.

Another critical maintenance step is adjusting the system’s sensitivity to the appropriate level, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Batteries should be tested and checked for corrosion, and replaced if necessary.

Finally, the maintenance professional should coordinate with the local fire department to test and verify input to its response system.

What Is the Benefit of A Fire Alarm Maintenance Contract?

While most fire alarm system owners recognize the importance of preventative maintenance, it’s easy to forget to schedule a system checkup. Many alarm system solutions providers offer preventative maintenance contracts that ensure a timely system inspection at an affordable price. These maintenance agreements can usually be customized to meet the system owner’s unique needs and budget requirements.

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The maintenance requirements of a fire alarm system are directly related to its age, as well as the type of system technology. General maintenance expectations include:

Fire Alarm System Maintenance in Arizona

You know what will happen if you don’t properly maintain your automobile: it will only be a matter of time until the brakes fail or the engine breaks down. The same is true of a fire alarm system. If you don’t have your system maintained and serviced on a regular basis, it’s possible that it won’t perform when you need it most. And that could result in extensive property damage or even a loss of life.

Just like a car, a fire alarm system will require more frequent preventative maintenance as it ages. These systems contain various electrical components and other mechanical parts that can eventually wear out. Regular routine maintenance is essential for assessing the condition of these parts. The maintenance process also entails the conducting of a series of troubleshooting steps to detect and correct any minor system issues before they can become expensive — and potentially life-threatening — problems.

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