Home Security System Self-Installation Tips

Not long ago, learning how to install a home security system would require a major investment in time and resources. Thanks to Titan Alarm’s advancements in modern technology, DIY home security in Arizona and across the nation is now just a phone call away. Not only do we have the number-one-selling system in the nation that represents the cutting edge in automated, remotely managed security, we also deliver unmatched customer service and product support. We’ll make sure you know exactly how to install video surveillance equipment in your home or office quickly and successfully.

When it comes to security system self-installation, Arizona homeowners and businesses benefit from Titan’s cost-efficient and effective software solutions. Our DIY home security systems include everything you need to better protect your family, employees, customers and valuable possessions. Kits include a touch-screen keypad, alarm sensors, mounts and all of the resources required to get up and running in 15 to 30 minutes.

Our Self Installation Kit Makes it Simple to Secure Your Home.

There are many states that require alarm companies to get licensed for your protection. Other states do not have any statewide licensing requirements. Our goal is to be 100% compliant with all of the licensing requirements within each state which we are in. Below you will see the list of states, and a brief explanation with our license number, or an explanation of licensing for the services we provide to that state.

Set Up

Plug in your touchscreen keypad.


Mount your alarm sensors.


Call to activate your monitoring service.

Home Security Self-Installation

One of the expenses of having a home security system can be the cost of professional installation. However, you can self-install home security and avoid these charges. Self-installed alarm systems work just as well as ones installed professionally, assuming you do the installation correctly.

While there are many advantages to professional installation, modern security setups make do-it-yourself home security system installation easier than it’s ever been. If you’re thinking of trying to set up a do-it-yourself alarm system, here are the basic steps and the pros and cons of professional installation vs. do-it-yourself home security.

How to Set Up a Do-It-Yourself Alarm System

Once you get the equipment from the security company, the steps are fairly easy. The most challenging part is installing the main security panel, but all this requires is hammering a nail into a wall near a plug, hanging the panel on it, and plugging it in. Your do-it-yourself alarm system will be wireless, so once the panel is up, all you have to do is place the sensors and motion detectors around your house. These are usually peel-and-stick items, so there are no tools, and there is no special knowledge required

Our home security and video surveillance kits are out-of-the-box solutions that only take a few moments to install. Just follow these three simple steps:

Once that’s done, all that remains is to follow the steps the we provide for connecting the system to a landline, internet or cellular network to activate the wireless service and any monitoring or smart device technology.

Professional Installation vs. Do-It-Yourself

The benefits of do-it-yourself home security are obvious. The main one is you don’t have to pay the installation fees. Also, setting up a do-it-yourself alarm system means you don’t have to have your daily life interfered with by a technician or wait for an appointment. Plus, you get to set up the system the way you want it.

That said, there are some disadvantages to professional installation of your home security system. For one, you have to do all the work yourself. It will probably take you longer than it takes the pros, and the pros know from experience the best way to set up your system. Also, with a professional on hand, they can walk you through every step of how to use the system, so you don’t have to spend time trying to puzzle anything out.

It’s also important to find out if do-it-yourself installation incurs greater equipment costs and if doing it yourself affects any warranties on your system or equipment. You may change your mind based on the answers.

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