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Cellular Monitoring Home Security

The award winning Titan Alarm cellular monitoring home alarm system offers state of the art technologies that are not available from many of our competitors.

Because we are committed to your family’s safety and total peace of mind, we sell and install only the highest quality security systems. Let us show you how we can integrate affordable home automation technology into your house today.

Home automation makes it so easy to keep track of what’s going on in your house when you’re away. Do it all from your mobile phone or hand-held device. The future is now!

Here are some of the great features that our wireless security systems offer:

  • Touch Screen Control Panel – Just the touch of a finger on an easy-to-read colored display allows you to control all security system settings in your home. Arm and disarm sensors, and set up monitoring and messaging easily and quickly.
  • Control Home Alarm Remotely – You can set your alarm system by remote access and disable it from your key ring device, your smart phone or a tablet. It doesn’t matter how near or far you are. Cellular monitoring home alarm technology makes it happen.
  • Wireless Security System – There are no wires leading to sub panels and monitors for peripheral detectors. Everything is integral with the touch screen control panel. It is safe and convenient home automation.

With the technology provided, all lines of communication are open at all times by two-way voice communication, text messaging and real-time video streaming. With your home cellular monitoring home alarm system you will always know what’s happening in the house. Our certified monitoring personnel are your watchdogs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will alert you and the proper emergency response teams if necessary.

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Cellular Monitoring Home Security System Installation

Two-way emergency voice communications – Our Titan monitoring stations have live staff that is standing by at any hour to let you know if there has been a breach of your security or fire alarm system. They are also quick to alert police, fire and EMS if a real emergency is suspected.

Video monitoring – You can see live video of any part of your property on your smart phone, tablet or PC. See who is in your driveway, at your front door or on your land after receiving an urgent text from your cellular monitoring home alarm system. Watch your children at home or in the yard. Keep an eye on contractors, cleaning or maintenance people while you are at work.

Energy management – Your thermostat works with your touch screen control panel to provide you with cellular monitoring of your HVAC system. Coordinate the temperature of your house with the time you or family members will arrive home for maximum efficiency and comfort. While you are on vacation you can maintain the temperature at energy-efficient levels and then return it to the level you prefer just before you get back. It will save you significantly on your AC bills.

Home automation monitoring – You can have complete control over lighting for additional energy savings and security. Control the brightness setting for evenings and late nights from your panel. Have a panic setting on your phone to turn all lights on if a prowler is suspected, even by remote access. You can also control any small appliances.

You will have the best in security with cellular monitoring home security system that uses top-rated devices like the award winning Titan Touch Control Panel. When integrated with cellular HVAC control, you will save energy and money.

Titan installs cellular monitoring home alarm systems in Phoenix and all nearby areas.

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