What Type of Fire Sprinkler Do I Need?

Your fire sprinkler installation company can help you determine which type of sprinkler system you need. The typical fire sprinkler system is a wet pipe system where the water is already in the pipe waiting for the sensor to open the sprinkler head and release the water.

In very cold areas where the water could freeze in the pipes, you may have a dry pipe system where the pipes are filled with pressurized air and a valve holds back the water. The valve opens when the sprinkler heads activate, sending the water through the pipe.

If the sprinkler system is in a location with high-value materials that will be destroyed if water-damaged, you may have a pre-action sprinkler which does not activate unless a fire triggers two sensors to minimize the likelihood of accidental activation of the sprinklers.

Finally, some commercial buildings or factories where huge, out-of-control fires could occur may have deluge systems, which release a massive flood of water when activated.

How Does a Fire Sprinkler Work?

When you call a fire sprinkler system company in Tucson, professional installers will put in sprinklers that connect to water pipes in the walls and ceilings. The system is linked to sensors designed to detect heat. When the heat reaches a certain level, the sensors open the pipes and allow water to flow through the sprinkler to try to douse the fire.

In most systems, especially home systems, the sensors are localized to only activate the sensors where the fire is detected.

Fire Sprinklers in Tucson, AZ

There are several elements to an effective and complete fire protection system — but one of the most important is the fire sprinkler system. Tucson businesses and homes without a fire sprinkler system are depriving themselves of a critical fire suppression tool that can save lives and dramatically reduce property damage in case of a fire.

Titan Alarm Inc. Is the Only Fire Sprinkler Company You Need in Tucson

If you need a dependable fire sprinkler installation company in Tucson, call Titan Alarm Inc. today. We are the Tucson alarm experts and can have a reliable sprinkler system in your home or business right away. Call us at 602-680-4567.

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