Video Surveillance For Businesses in Arizona

When your goal is to keep your customers, employees and company assets safe, it pays to have a reliable source of video surveillance support. Arizona businesses that need video surveillance for retail stores or any other commercial location turn to Titan Alarm. We’re a family owned and operated, full-service alarm company delivering advanced security technology backed by industry-leading customer care and technical support. Effective video surveillance is a key factor to keeping burglars and intruders out and your property safe. We partner with a diverse range of industries throughout the region to provide video surveillance support that helps you monitor your premises 24/7, seven days a week. Whether you need video surveillance of your offices in Arizona or retail store surveillance across the state of Arizona, Titan Alarm is everywhere you need us to be.

Titan Alarm is one of the largest installers of IP video cameras and video surveillance systems in Arizona. A well designed video surveillance system comprised of HD-quality IP cameras can not only provide higher security over your facility, but is also a powerful tool for increasing productivity and efficiency of employees, processes, and customer service.

Wireless Video Detection Systems

For businesses that have multiple locations, or require active monitoring, an enterprise video platform is essential. Titan Alarm offers platforms from Milestone, Exacq, Hikvision, and other providing high-end performance and features. These systems can easily expand from a single site to multiple locations throughout the globe, while still providing simplicity and ease of use for the end user.

Our complete range of solutions includes:

We utilize a patented product called Videofied to combine intrusion detection technology with short video clips to accurate monitor unauthorized activity in a wide variety of applications. We specialize in video surveillance for restaurants and other local industries and locations, including:

Video Surveillance Services

Video Event Verification

This can be used with any of our intrusion detection systems and video surveillance recorders to provide our operators access to tour your facility in the event of an alarm only. Significantly decreases police response time. In some jurisdictions, police will not respond to alarms without “verified response.”

Cloud Recording

With more and more data being stored off site, Titan Alarm is proud to be the leading provider of “cloud” based video surveillance systems. Whether used as the primary storage location, or as a backup to on-site storage, you can rest assured that your video will be accessible when you need it.

Video Monitoring

Utilizing either our analytics software or our Videofied solution, we can use cameras to not only display video but to notify us when someone is on your property that shouldn’t be. The cameras now take the place of numerous security guards and allow our monitoring operators to quickly respond.

Guard Tour

We can automatically connect to your cameras to tour your facility at periodic times throughout the night, day, or weekend. More effective than an on-site security guard and much more affordable!

Preventive Maintenance

With a preventative maintenance contract, our service team will visit your site at scheduled times throughout the year to inspect, clean, test, and verify correct operation of all components on the system.

Health Monitoring

There is nothing worse than finding out that a camera has gone offline or a hard drive has malfunctioned when you need a recording the most! With our health monitoring service, we monitor the overall “health” of your system to make sure that it is running correctly and to notify you of any errors.

Commercial Industries We’ve Served

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