Security Systems for Retail Stores

Retail stores face a number of security threats that can result in property damage and lost revenues as well as possibly jeopardize the safety of customers and employees. While robberies and after-hours break-ins continue to a pose a major security risk, there is also the ever-present risk of shoplifting. These days, shoplifting is often a team effort. A more brazen tactic is “flash robbing” where a group of people — typically adolescents — raid a store and cause a disturbance, while helping themselves to whatever merchandise they can grab.

Internal theft is another ongoing problem for retail stores of all types and sizes. According to the 2015 U.S. Retail Fraud Survey, employee theft is actually the number one cause of loss to retailers. Internal theft becomes an even bigger issue during challenging economic times, as employees often resort to stealing as a way to supplement their income.

Whether you operate a small specialty shop or a large department store, security needs to be a top priority. Titan Alarm, Inc. is a full-service alarm company that offers a wide range of state-of-the-art retail store security devices that can keep your establishment safe and secure on a 24/7 basis. We also have the expertise to help you select and install the best retail security devices for your needs and budget.

Retail Video Surveillance Systems

We feature the latest retail security camera systems that can effectively monitor the most vulnerable areas in and around your store. We specialize in technologically advanced IP camera systems equipped with sophisticated software that can perform multiple functions such as long-range video detection, remote access and cloud recording capabilities.

Where to Install Retail Video Security Systems

Our team will perform a comprehensive site evaluation to help you determine the most appropriate locations for your security devices:

Why Choose Titan Alarm, Inc. for Your Retail Security System Needs?

Titan Alarm, Inc. is a locally owned, family operated security company that has been proudly serving the Phoenix area since 2008. Our commitment to providing high-quality security products backed by unbeatable customer support has made us one of the fastest-growing security companies in Arizona and all of North America. All installation, maintenance and service work is performed by Titan Alarm, Inc. employees, not 1099 contractors, ensuring you get the superior service you demand and deserve.

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