Access Control Systems For Your Business or Commercial Property

With the increasing focus on security these days, many business owners are turning to access control systems to make their property safer and minimize the risk of theft. An access control system restricts the entry and exit to a building or specific area within a facility to authorized individuals via electronically based identification and authentication methods.

Examples of commonly used security access control tools include proximity readers that scan key cards or vehicle license plates, access code-enabled keypads, biometric systems that can identify physical characteristics such as fingerprints or hand prints, and swipe card systems.

How To Determine if You Should Have An Access Control System

If you’re thinking of incorporating an access control system into your facility, you’ll need to evaluate a host of factors to ensure you’re making the best choice. You should start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your unique security needs. This includes:

You’ll also need to determine the level of security required for your facility. For instance, swipe card door access systems — using cards with a magnetic stripe and a reader for swiping the card — offer a cost-effective solution for low-security areas. However, there is always the risk that the card could fall into the wrong hands. A biometric system offers a stronger option where maximum security is paramount. Since no finger or hand prints are alike, there is virtually no chance of misidentification, and there are no concerns about lost key cards or pilfered access codes.

Yet another factor to consider is your future security needs. If you’re planning to expand your business at some point, you’ll want a flexible access control system that will adapt easily to a building expansion or remodel. This can prevent the cost of purchasing and installing a brand-new system. Old-fashioned lock-and-key systems are no longer the safest or most effective way to control access to your building or facility. When you issue a key to an employee, client or contractor, you’re actually relinquishing your ability to manage who can enter your facility and when. A commercial access control system from Titan Alarm is the best way to eliminate the risk keys will be copied, accidentally lost, stolen or abused.

  • Mobile Credentials
  • Simplified Access Management
  • Mobile Lock Control
  • Automation Rules, Schedules, and Alerts
  • Seamless Integrated Video

Choose Titan Alarm For All Your Access Control Needs

All across the region is Titan territory for quick and easy access control system installation. While our competitors often send a series of sub-contractors they’re hardly affiliated with to handle the various stages of installation, we’re a family-owned local business that deploys a dedicated team of certified technicians. Our highly trained team will not only oversee the entire installation process with expert precision, they’ll also take the time to ensure you’re completely informed on how to operate your new commercial access control system to its maximum capabilities.

When it comes to commercial access control, businesses and companies throughout Arizona and beyond trust Titan Alarm. Give us a call or submit our easy online form today for more information and a free, competitive quote.