What is a Kitchen Hood System?

A typical kitchen hood system consists of an exhaust hood with a fan that’s mounted over a stove or cooking area and connected to a ventilation system and ductwork. A commercial hood system is equipped with a more powerful fan than a residential system, due to the heavier volume of cooking that normally occurs in a restaurant environment. A kitchen hood system can also contain chemicals that will suppress a fire that breaks out on a stovetop, griddle or other cooking surface. The two basic types of chemical systems include:

Kitchen Hood Systems Help to Maintain Air Quality

In addition to providing fire suppression benefits, a kitchen hood system helps to maintain air quality in a kitchen or restaurant environment. The fan will expel pollutants, grease, moisture and cooking odors from the kitchen by drawing them into the fan and ventilation system. This also prevents grease residue from being deposited throughout the kitchen, where it could present an additional fire hazard.

The Best Kitchen Hood Fire System Provider in Arizona

Did you know that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking equipment is the leading cause of home structure fires in the U.S.? Restaurant kitchens also pose a high fire risk, with restaurant kitchen fires resulting in millions of dollars in property damage each year. A kitchen hood system is an extremely effective fire suppression tool that can significantly reduce the likelihood of a destructive blaze in your home or restaurant. It can also help you comply with local fire, health and building codes.

Titan Alarm Inc. Can Provide a High-Quality Kitchen Hood System

If you own a home or restaurant in Arizona, Titan Alarm Inc. can design and install a custom kitchen hood system that will protect your building against fires and improve the air quality in your kitchen. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation today.