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Video Surveillance

Sometimes, you need the reassurance of seeing for your own eyes that your property is safe and secure. Titan Alarm Inc.’s video surveillance equipment provides the ideal complement to our residential and commercial security systems. A valued partner to homes and businesses in the Paradise Valley area, our video surveillance systems offer peace of mind at an affordable price point.

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Home Video Surveillance

Home video surveillance begins by installing a series of cameras in strategic locations around your property. These cameras capture video in full color HD and stream to a secure server where they are monitored by our team. In most systems, video can be viewed from any internet-enabled computer, or via our proprietary mobile app. It’s easy, it’s straightforward and it’s available around the clock.

Some benefits of making Titan Alarm your exclusive provider of video monitoring in Paradise Valley include:

  • Real-time remote monitoring of your property, whether you’re at work, on vacation or inside the home
  • Cloud-based storage for easily recalling past footage when necessary
  • Instant alerts via text, phone or push notification when suspicious activity is detected
  • Automatic video verification for industry-leading response times

Video surveillance protects your home in the event of an emergency and lets you keep an eye on things when you’re away. With many homeowners’ insurance policies, you may even qualify for a reduced rate by installing one of our products. Give Titan Alarm a call today to request a quote or learn more about the advanced capabilities of our sophisticated residential systems.

Commercial Video Surveillance

Most businesses already have some form of video surveillance installed, but very few are using reliable, modern systems that offer HD quality, long-term storage and sophisticated monitoring and alerting capabilities. If you’re ready to upgrade and bring this important security feature into the 21st century, give our team a call today.

With Titan Alarm’s commercial video surveillance, Paradise Valley businesses can:

  • Prevent losses in retail stores
  • Monitor unattended properties
  • Mitigate the risk of fraud and IP theft
  • Record evidence to support internal investigations
  • Respond faster to emergencies in any type of commercial property

Our systems can be customized to meet the unique needs of any commercial property, whether it’s an office, an apartment building, a manufacturing plant or anything else. Endlessly scalable without a large investment in infrastructure, our high-end, cloud-based products can be installed in facilities of any size. Find out today why we’re the serious business’ choice for commercial video monitoring in Paradise Valley.

Maintenance and Service

Both commercial and residential customers benefit from our unmatched service capabilities. As a local, family-owned business, we respond quickly and effectively when there’s an issue with your system. We can also help you develop a preventative maintenance plan that avoids problems to begin with. Depending on the nature of your video configuration, our technicians will visit regularly to inspect, test, clean and provide other necessary maintenance for all of your important surveillance components.

In your home or your business, security begins with vigilance, and video surveillance systems are a great way of staying vigilant even when you not physically on the property. To learn more, keep browsing our website or contact Titan Alarm to request a consultation.

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