What Are the Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Ventilation System?

Besides helping to prevent potentially devastating fires, a kitchen exhaust system can offer the following benefits:

Tucson, What Are The Differences Between Wet and Dry Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems

A wet chemical kitchen hood system works via a process known as saponification, a chemical reaction produced by combining an alkali material with animal or vegetable fat. Most cooking oils feature similar saponification values as the ingredients found in wet kitchen hood products. When sprayed onto the fire, the liquid chemical suppressant will react with the oil or fat to produce a foam that will cool the affected area immediately on contact and extinguish the blaze. Wet chemical systems can serve the fire suppression needs of both commercial and residential property owners.

A dry chemical kitchen fire suppression system is typically the best choice in industrial settings where there is limited access to water. Consisting of either Class ABC or Class BC compounds that are expelled from the kitchen ventilation hood, the dry chemical leaves a sticky residue that seals the fire from the oxygen supply it needs to keep burning. These chemical compounds are also non-conductive, which means they are safe to use on fires involving live electrical cooking or heating equipment. Dry chemical kitchen hood systems are also extremely efficient and easy to use.

What Is a Compliant Kitchen Hood System?

If you live in an apartment or home with a kitchen, you know what a kitchen hood looks like. It is the hood mounted over your stove with a ventilation system and fan that draw smoke away from your kitchen.

An effective kitchen hood for fire suppression for your Tucson home or business can house chemicals that can instantly suppress a stovetop fire. Wet chemical kitchen hood systems are the most common and can put out cooking oil fires, which are among the most common kitchen fires. Dry chemical systems can put out mild flammable liquid fires as well as electrical fires.

Contact Titan Alarm Inc. for Restaurant and Home Kitchen Fire Protection in Tucson

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous locations on any property when it comes to fire danger. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the leading cause of home structure fires in America is cooking equipment. If you own a restaurant, you must consider the danger of kitchen fires, as they are quite common and can do untold damage if you are not prepared for one.

One important feature for kitchen fire protection in Tucson is a high-quality kitchen hood. Whether you’re looking for restaurant kitchen fire protection in Tucson or protection for your home, quality kitchen hood fire suppression in Tucson is an important answer.

Titan Alarm Inc. is famous for our security and fire alarm systems in Tucson. But we can also offer high-quality kitchen hood systems for your home or restaurant. Call us today at 602-680-4567 to discuss, with one of our experts, designing and installing your ideal kitchen hood system. Or, you can contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation, on-site consultation now.

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