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Fire Protection Equipment, Maintenance and Monitoring

Nearly every type of business has the obligation to take appropriate steps to mitigate the risks relating to fires. Titan Alarm is a full-service security company and fire protection equipment supplier for Phoenix, AZ and areas beyond. We have the innovative technology and industry expertise to provide a fire alarm system custom configured to your specific needs.

As a leading fire protection equipment supplier in Phoenix and throughout the region, we offer solutions that ensure you’re doing all you can to protect the lives of your employees, customers, friends and neighbors. From advanced sensors and video confirmation to IP/cellular communication and integrated response, we deliver everything you need to detect fires and limit or suppress extensive damages.

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24 X 7 Monitoring

A professional monitoring station provides an immediate response whenever an alarm is triggered, notifying all pertinent first responders. It’s important to choose a fire alarm system provider that partners with a reputable, highly rated monitoring service. Our UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Listed, FM Listed, 5-Diamond Certified monitoring station monitors thousands of fire alarm systems on a 24/7 basis. This ensures that all monitoring equipment and procedures meet the highest standards for safety and reliability.

Design and Consulting

 No two structures are exactly alike, so a “one size fits all” fire alarm system will not provide the best results for every residential or commercial property. Our process begins with a no-obligation consultation at your home or business to assess your unique fire protection requirements. Then, we’ll work with you to design a customized fire alarm system that meets your needs and fits your budget.


 Professional installation of a fire alarm system is essential to ensure its safe, reliable operation. Installation factors to consider include choosing the most appropriate wiring method and providing sufficient current and overcurrent protection, as well as conductor sizing and insulation.

Our experienced installers are employees of Titan Alarm Inc. — not independent contractors — who will do the job right the first time.


 Most jurisdictions require, at minimum, an annual inspection conducted by a licensed and certified fire inspector. It’s also necessary to test the fire alarm system to ensure it’s working properly. We can provide all of the services required for your fire alarm and fire suppression systems. We’ll ensure that your system meets the stringent National Fire Protection Association requirements and all applicable local fire codes. In addition to verifying that your fire alarm system is functioning properly, our inspection and testing procedures will keep you in compliance with all applicable legal requirements.

Service and Maintenance

 Even a high-quality, properly installed fire alarm system requires routine maintenance to keep it in peak operating condition. We offer a variety of flexible maintenance contracts that can be customized to meet your needs and budget. With a preventative maintenance contract, our service team will visit your site at scheduled times throughout the year to inspect, clean, test and verify correct operation of all components on the system. We’ll replace worn-out or defective parts and make any necessary adjustments. If we identify any repair issues, we can perform the job quickly and efficiently.

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Titan Alarm Inc. provides the best fire alarm system service and maintenance plans in the Phoenix, AZ area. To maintain your state-of-the-art fire system for maximum protection, it’s important to schedule routine checks for your system. Our technicians are continually trained in how to install, maintain and monitor the leading commercial fire alarm equipment for your business. Contact Titan Alarm Inc. today.

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