What Is A Home Automation System

Home automation systems can control everything in your home. Lights, climate control and even door locks can be set from a smartphone or tablet. Titan Alarm sells and installs these systems. We can provide you with all of the equipment needed to manage the security and energy efficiency at your home or business. We offer the latest in high-tech devices to protect your home from break-ins and fire. Your home’s temperature can be set at the best levels at certain times for maximum efficiency. Everything can be controlled and monitored through the home control center, with a smart phone app or on your work PC.

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Home automation products can benefit homeowners in a variety of ways:

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What Is The Best Way to Install A Home Automation System

With professional installation, a home automation system operates through two basic types of devices; sensors and controllers. Sensors detect changes in a home like motion, heat, smoke or carbon monoxide. Controllers tell air conditioning systems to operate, turn lights on or off and even lock doors. Using your hand held device or a key ring fob you can arm your alarm system, lock your doors and turn out the lights after you leave your house. With wireless cameras, you can even see a live video stream of any part of your property. If an off-limits door is opened, like a medicine or liquor cabinet, you’ll get a text message. Cellular monitoring guards against a break-in 24 hours a day no matter where you are. Because the home automation security system is based on wireless cellular technology it can never be disabled by an intruder. At the heart of this system is the Titan Touch Screen, which can be controlled remotely. It is completely self-contained for single-source convenience. Our packages include remote access and monitoring with alarm.com, the leader in home energy and wireless security monitoring. It includes:

Home Automation Packages

Our packages have three intrusion sensors, motion sensors, a touch screen thermostat and a four-button key ring control. The Energy Saver package is created especially for those who are serious about saving both money and electricity. The advanced cellular package and the touch screen thermostat are incorporated into a perfect blend of technology. You can easily control your heating and cooling on a schedule thanks to integration of the touch screen panel and the thermostat. Working late? Change the temperature from your cellphone to suit your schedule and budget. All of our energy efficiency and security features are incorporated into one package for the maximum in home automation system design. Contact Titan Alarm today for a free estimate on a home automation package!

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Increasing numbers of families are choosing wireless alarm systems for their homes. In an age when technology is capable of helping us create a “smart home”, installing a wireless home security system is a powerful step toward a safer, easier-to-manage and more efficient lifestyle. Titan Alarm is your go-to source for the best wireless home security system in Arizona and across the nation.

As the local experts in wireless residential security systems, Titan Alarm provides cost-effective and efficient solutions that put you on the cutting edge. Our wireless security systems for homes operate on a safe and secure cellular connection that’s faster and more reliable than other types of systems. Not only do you get the best wireless alarm system available, you also gain the power to control your entire home from the convenience of a smartphone application.

Benefits of our wireless home alarm systems include:

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Throughout Arizona is Titan territory for wireless home alarm systems on the forefront of technology. Our wireless security systems and home automation services for businesses and residences make it possible to control your alarms, cameras, locks, entry points, doorbells, thermostats, lighting and more from virtually anywhere. We’ve grown to be among the leading wireless home security companies by providing:

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