How Does a Special Hazard Protection System Work?

Sometimes, typical fire suppression systems are just not sufficient for your needs. There are certain facilities where non-standard fires can erupt that you cannot easily extinguish with traditional methods.

In this situation, you may need a system for high-hazard fire protection in Tucson. These systems can also help if your business needs to know how to extinguish a fire faster at your Tucson facility or if you need a waterless system that will not cause water damage to high-value assets that cannot get wet.

When Titan Alarm Inc. sets up your special hazard fire protection system, you will get a fire detection and suppression system that includes non-water fire suppression products like foam, carbon dioxide or other fast-acting anti-fire chemicals. When the system detects a fire, it immediately sprays the chosen agent on the fire to knock it out fast.

Who Can Benefit From Special Hazard Fire Protection in Tucson?

Special hazard fire protection can be suitable for a wide range of situations. It is appropriate for Tucson power plants, where a water-based system could interfere with the electrical features, and museums — where sprinklers could irreparably damage valuable art — plus chemical plants, data centers, healthcare facilities and more.

Protect Your Home or Business With a Special Hazard Fire Protection System From Titan Alarm Inc.

If you’re responsible for fire safety at your hospital, laboratory, art gallery or other facility that needs non-conventional fire suppression tools, you need to act as quickly as possible. You cannot let your building go without fire protection — and a conventional sprinkler system could do more damage than it prevents.

Fortunately, Titan Alarm Inc. has extensive experience with the specialized design and installation knowledge required to put in an effective special hazard fire protection system. We can come to your business in Tucson, provide a no-obligation assessment of your fire system needs and, with your approval, install just the right special hazard fire system for you and your business.

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