How to Prevent A Burglar From Targeting Your Home or Business

With its abundance of beautiful homes and thriving businesses, Mesa, AZ, is a prime target for property crimes. Burglars and thieves have become more creative and resourceful than ever. That’s why it takes advanced, sophisticated intrusion alarm system to outsmart these miscreants and stop them in their tracks. Titan Alarm Inc. is your source for innovative residential and commercial alarm systems in Mesa, AZ, that protect property and people from these unwelcome guests.

Protect Your Home With a Highly Advanced Home Security Systems

We’re often asked, “What is the best burglar alarm for my Mesa home?” The Titan Alarm residential security experts can conduct a thorough analysis of your unique security needs and recommend the best burglar alarm for your home. In addition to our technologically advanced intrusion alarms, our systems include motion and visual verification sensors that will quickly detect the presence of intruders.

What’s more, our residential alarm system services come with complete monitoring and maintenance to ensure you, your family and your property are protected on a 24/7 basis.

You Can Customize a Burglar Alarms to Fit Your Business’s Needs

Even the most hard-working and dedicated Mesa business owners can’t be at their facility at all hours of the day and night. Titan Alarm offers a wide variety of easy-to-use burglar alarms for business that can be customized to your specific property protection needs. Our solutions include more than just burglar alarms — we offer complete intrusion detection systems with advanced monitoring, video systems and video verification that ensure a prompt response and reduce the likelihood of false alarms. All commercial alarm systems feature advanced control panels that enable on-site or remote monitoring and control.

Feel Safe With an Instant Alert When Your Burglar Alarm is Activated

Well-trained monitoring agents receive an alert the instant a burglar alarm is activated. The agents have access to your camera views so they can determine if there is an actual intruder on the premises or whether an animal may have activated the motion sensors. If a threat is identified, the agent will immediately contact the authorities. This ensures the fastest possible response time and eliminates unnecessary calls to the police and other emergency responders.

Choose The Best Locally Owned Security Business in Mesa

Titan Alarm is a rapidly growing, locally owned and operated home and business security solutions provider that backs every system with complete service and support. We don’t rely on 1099 contractors to handle your intrusion alarm system installation — all work is performed by Titan Alarm employees. You can also count on us for prompt and system repairs and maintenance for as long as you’re a Titan Alarm customer.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Burglar Alarms for Your Home or Business Today!

A Titan burglar alarm for business or residential properties does much more than protect people and assets. It also offers you something just as important — peace of mind. Contact us to learn more about our Mesa residential and commercial alarm systems today.

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