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Did you know that there are approximately 13 thousand property-related crimes committed in Mesa, AZ, on an annual basis? Mesa is rated as safer than only 21 percent of all U.S. cities. If you’re a Mesa home or business owner and you don’t have a reliable security system in place, your property could be vulnerable to burglary, theft or even more violent crimes.

Titan Alarm Inc., one of the fastest-growing security system providers in North America and the best security system company in Mesa, AZ, has helped thousands of home and business owners protect their properties against theft, vandalism, fire and other threats. We offer a wide range of innovative commercial and residential security systems that will give you peace of mind.

Keep Your Home Safe in Mesa Using Titan Alarm Security Systems

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of your family. Protecting your property and personal possessions is also a high priority for any Mesa, AZ, homeowner. Nearly half a million people live in Mesa, Arizona, making it the 38th largest city in the United States. Mesa is projected to have over 185,000 households by 2021. Those homes need protection and they need a home security system company that is intimately familiar with the needs of Mesa homeowners.

That security systems company is Titan Alarm Inc. We have the experience, the personnel and the tools to provide you with comprehensive security in your home, no matter which suburb or neighborhood of Mesa or the surrounding areas you live in. Whether you live in Mesa right now or are relocating and moving to Mesa in the near future, Titan Alarm Inc. can easily and affordably install a complete residential security system to protect you and your family.

Titan Alarm’s Home Security Systems Include:

Well-Trained Staff

We offer complete home security systems that include burglar alarms, motion and intrusion sensors, fire, CO2 and smoke detectors, video monitoring and much more. In 2017, the city of Mesa passed a newly tightened budget, which many fear will impact public services like the police department and fire department. This means it is more important than ever to have a security system that will help you and local rescue services act as quickly as possible in the case of a fire emergency or break-in. Our security solutions can dramatically improve the ability of needed services to get to you in time.

Home Automation

Our fully integrated home automation solutions give you complete control over your home’s devices, systems and energy use. Smartphone and tablet apps offer remote home security monitoring and management. Remote security systems are one of the great safety advancements of the digital age when it comes to residential security.You will never have to worry about whether or not you remembered to lock the doors when you left the house and you can always check in to make sure your home is safe. The peace of mind you can enjoy will be invaluable.

Energy Management

We enable remote adjustment of air conditioning, heating and electricity to help you more efficiently manage your home energy costs.According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average Arizona resident spends about $120.50 per month on electricity. This is a little over 5.5 percent higher than the national average, which is around $114 a month. By taking advantage of our temperature control systems so you only use the amount of heating, air conditioning or lighting that you need, you can slash your electricity bill dramatically over the course of a year.


Our innovative cellular monitoring home security solutions include touch screen control panels and the capability to control your home security alarm remotely. There is a burglary for roughly every 250 people in Mesa each year. If you have a household with multiple family members to protect, you need a way to move those odds more in your favor. When an intruder attempts to break into your home, you want to know fast so you can act. With ever-vigilant monitoring from Titan Alarm Inc., you’ll know that if someone does try to make your home a crime target in Mesa, you’ll know right away and have the best chance to respond before something gets stolen or someone gets hurt.


We provide an immediate emergency response in the event of break-ins, fires or medical emergencies. The average cost of assisted living in Arizona is roughly $3,500 a month, and many people in need of care would prefer to live in their own homes. When you know that your sick or elderly loved ones have measures in place to receive fast care in case of an emergency, you can have peace of mind while those loved ones continue to enjoy some level of independent living.

Protect Your Mesa Business with a Titan Alarm Commercial Security System

Theft is a massive problem for businesses all over the country and Mesa is no exception. American businesses lose billions of dollars each year due to theft. By adding quality intrusion protection from Titan Alarm Inc. to your commercial security plan, you could avoid becoming part of that unsettling statistic.

False alarms are a huge problem in Mesa, Arizona, and throughout the United States. Our revolutionary wireless motion sensor provide video verification of an intruder.

Quality fire protection for your business can not only save you a tremendous amount of money, but it can also save lives.

Our high rated, advanced commercial security system solutions can protect your business property, as well as your employees and customers. Highlights include:

Titan Alarm’s Commercial Security Systems Include:

Intrusion Protection

Our systems provide 24/7 premises monitoring, even when no one is there. Using Titan Alarm Inc. commercial security measures with 24/7 monitoring is like having a constantly vigilant security guard on your premises at all times. If someone unauthorized attempts to gain access to your facility at any time, you will know about it almost immediately. If there is a break-in, there is a much higher chance of the authorities arriving on time to catch or chase off the intruder.

Fire Systems

Enjoy state-of-the-art fire monitoring and detection systems and highly advanced fire alarms. According to National Fire Protection Agency statistics, 2016 brought $10.6 billion in property loss and damage due to fire in the United States. A fire destroyed a structure about once every minute, with someone being injured by fire about once every half-hour. The best way to limit your business’ damage from fire is a fast response. Our fire alarms and fire monitoring and detection systems will help you respond to a fire emergency lighting-quick so you can evacuate populated areas, seal off rooms, access fire extinguishers and get the fire department to your facility before major damage or injury occurs.


Our revolutionary wireless motion sensor also provides video verification of an intruder. Police forces are already stretched thin and are taxed even further when they have to respond to calls only to learn there was no real emergency. In the city of Mesa, Arizona, by law, multiple false alarm assessments could cost you $100 or more. While some false alarms are malicious in intent, many happen because something or someone tripped the alarm by accident. Regardless of the intent, however, if the police have to waste time coming to your business for a false alarm, it will cost your business money and make them slower to respond next time. With our video verification, you don’t have to worry about any of this. Thanks to our system, you’ll always know whether you’re dealing with an actual intruder, a passerby or a wind-blown tree branch that accidentally trips your alarm. The police will also know that you have a verified alarm and may respond faster.

Our 24/7 Video Surveillance Will Help You Sleep at Night

Our residential and commercial security systems also include video surveillance to help you keep tabs on what’s going on in and around your home or business at all times, as well as access control that gives you complete oversight of all locks, doors and entry points.

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