Access Control Systems

Who you let in to your facilities — and how you let them in — plays a large role in the overall security of your business. We often think of burglars as highly cunning, but the truth is that, in most corporate incidents, thieves simply walk in an unsecured entry. No matter how vigilant you are, keys can be lost or copied, and doors can be left unlocked. These are major vulnerabilities that are easily exploited.

An investment in advanced access control systems is important for any business. At Titan Alarm Inc., we specialize in commercial security systems that help our clients minimize risk through advanced technology. We have supplied commercial access control systems for Paradise Valley businesses of all sizes. Let us match you with the right solution for your facility.

Sophisticated Products and Expert Capabilities

Effective access control requires sophisticated solutions that are easy-to-use and programmable to reflect the day-to-day challenges that are a reality of today’s businesses. At Titan Alarm, we offer everything from card- and keypad-based systems to biometric and request-to-exit (REX) verification. Many of our solutions are cloud-based, which means they don’t require an on-site server and can be accessed from any smartphone using our handy mobile app.

We know that security can’t come at the expense of your other business goals. In a busy workplace, access control needs to be fast and straightforward. If you have an in-house security team, we’ll work with them to develop a comprehensive system that keeps your important assets safe without jeopardizing your productivity.

Support Every Step of the Way

Titan Alarm is a dedicated partner for any business requiring an enterprise-grade access control system in Paradise Valley. We’ll be there from your initial consultation onward, helping ensure the installation of your system goes smoothly and that any necessary maintenance issues are addressed right away. We provide training for your staff and optional extended warranty coverage for long-term protection. When it’s time to move to new facilities or expand your existing compound, our scalable systems help facilitate that growth without a major investment in new infrastructure.

Who We Serve

We are a proudly local business offering dedicated support for customers in Paradise Valley. When you count on us for an access control system, you are working with a company that knows the area, understands the threats against your business and can respond quickly and effectively in any emergency. Our commercial customers range from small retail storefronts to major corporations with expansive facilities. We provide customized access control systems for office buildings, manufacturing plants, storage units and more — our products can be installed in facilities with anywhere up to 10,000 entry points.

Home Access Control

An access control system can be a valuable addition to any comprehensive home security package. Typically found on larger properties and estates, access control systems make it easier to manage guests, visitors and staff. Go beyond lock-and-key based security with our high-tech, integrated systems that provide around-the-clock peace of mind.

If you’d like to learn more about access control options for your home, give the Titan Alarm team a call today.