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    What Are The Types of Fire Alarm Systems Available?

    There are a few different types of fire alarm designs to choose from. Many homes and businesses will use a conventional system, which is made up of zones with detectors that are wired to a control panel. When a fire occurs, it sets off a detector in a given zone, which lets fire suppressing personnel know the specific location of the fire. A more advanced system is an addressable system. This system is like the conventional system but even more specific. It still operates with detectors and zones, but uses addressable head technology to detect a fire faster and find its location more exactly. The most advanced system you can install is a wireless system. This works with the accuracy and speed of the addressable system, but with wireless connectivity, reducing installation time and giving you much more leeway with how to lay out your system.

    Some of the features of your custom fire alarm system can include:

    • Control Panel: For monitoring system status and adjusting settings
    • Activation Devices: Sensors, smoke detectors and pull boxes that initiate an alarm
    • Indicators: Bells and lights that let you know the alarm has been activated
    • Battery Power: To provide an energy supply for the system
    • Other Devices: LED zone indicators, silence switches or electromagnetic door holders

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      If you want to fully protect your home or business, you need a basic fire system in Tucson. But not all fire alarm systems are the same. Different facilities require different approaches to fire safety, as do different residences. Titan Alarm Security has the technology to give you the optimal fire system for your needs, after providing you with professional fire alarm design services in Tucson.

      Titan Alarm knows fire alarm systems inside and out. We can offer you a free consultation to help you decide how you want to customize your fire alarm system according to local fire codes, budget, building layout and other considerations. Call us at 602-680-4567 or contact us online today!

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