5 Reasons to get a Home Automation System.


Receive a text video text message when someone rings your door bell.
Who would not want this! Yes. You will actually receive a 60 second video clip of who is at your front door when they press the door bell. This comes in handy with deliveries or for those of you that travel a lot, or even for families with an empty home during the day. Be in the know!

Kids can’t sneak out anymore!
Yep, each child receives his/her own code. Unless your child cuts a hole in the wall, they will need to leave through a door or a window and if the alarm is on, they would need to disarm the system with their personal code which logs a record and sends you a text message with time stamp and can even take a picture for you!

Remote Garage door automation
You can now open or close your garage doors remotely. How cool is this. NO more wondering if the garage was closed. Receive notifications when garage is left open for periods of time.

Your Home Alarm Saves You Money.
You now set the thermostats from your phone and the internet. You set smart schedules and use the air/heat when your there and have it shut off or raise a bit when you are away. Its smart. Saves me time and money. Lets be honest. We really don’t use the program schedule on the wall thermostats by sitting and programing though the 1980 software they have on there.

Your Alarm Tells You If You Don’t Set It When You Leave.
The Titan Alarm system will now tell you when your phone and any other phones have left the Geo fence you set up and notify you if the alarm was not armed. You can then press a button and it will arm your system turn lights off, change thermostats, lock doors, and send out messages.

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 5, 2018.