7 Things to Know About Brivo



1. Physical Security at Its Best

  • The focus of Brivo has always been on providing innovative physical security solutions. While the “cloud” often focuses on software and servers, Brivo’s core still focuses on the physical technology and equipment to provide high-end physical security products.

2. Cloud Based Security

  • Brivo pioneered the “cloud” based access control platform before the “cloud” even had a name. Since 2001, Brivo has been creating intelligent solutions that provide off-site storage, redundancy, and rock solid reliability.
  • Beyond just being a cloud and security company, Brivo in an Internet of Things company. The Internet of Things is a growing industry, which allows our computers and smart devices to not only read and process data, but also to control other devices.

3. Server-less System

  • For decades, access control systems have been deployed by a variety of manufacturers. The design has always been similar: A control panel connects the doors, readers, and other devices together with the system software through an on-site server. A server adds an additional point of failure to the system. Software updates, viruses, and redundancy of the server can present potential for the access control system to fail. With Brivo, the server is eliminated, since the control panel directly connects to Brivo’s robust, reliable “cloud” server.

4. Access Anywhere

  • Because Brivo’s software is web-based, you can access your system from anywhere. At home in your pajamas? No problem. Sitting in the airport terminal on your smart phone? You got it! Brivo’s web-based software is easy to use and works on all major web browsers. This software let’s you do it all – allow entry, print badges, open doors, set schedules, and see who is in your building – from wherever you are!

5. Integrated Video

A truly integrated platform will allow multiple types of commercial security systems (video, access control, intrusion, etc.) to talk to one another. With Brivo, video can seamlessly integrate into your online platform. With Brivo’s video OnAir service, customers can view live or event-related video of their facilities through a single, centrally managed account at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware DVRs. Being able to see a that an event occurred at a door and immediately view the video associated with that event saves valuable time searching through hours and hours of video.


6. Low Ownership Cost

While Brivo’s control panels themselves are amongst the most reasonably priced panels available on the market, the real savings comes through the savings in your I.T. department. By eliminating servers and rack space, plus reducing the IT staff time, electrical/cooling costs, and telecom costs that may be associated with keeping a traditional access control system running, Brivo truly provides a system with the lowest cost of ownership. We can even provide your access control panels with no up front cost as part of your monthly service, saving you even more money to grow your business.

7. Government Approved

Brivo’s CloudPass system meets government-wide compliances standards, such as FISMA. The scalability, power, and security of CloudPass meets the unique requirements of government customers.

GSA Approved

HSPD 12 and FIPS 201 Compliant

Encrypted communications (SSL & FIPS140)

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Updated by Titan Alarm on November 2, 2018.